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Ego Power+ 580 CFM Review

The most powerful and useful cordless leaf blower we have ever tested, this model is the one we recommend for most people looking for great performance
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Ego Power+ 580 CFM Review
Credit: Jenna Ammerman
Price:  $329 List
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Manufacturer:   Ego
By Austin Palmer, David Wise, and Jenna Ammerman  ⋅  Jul 11, 2019
  • Power - 50% 9.0
  • Battery - 25% 6.0
  • Ergonomics - 15% 5.0
  • Noise - 10% 5.0

Our Verdict

Packing plenty of punch, the Ego Power+ 580 CFM is one of our absolute favorite cordless leaf blowers of all time. This blower blew away the rest of the pack in our tests, easily clearing heavier debris with ease. This cordless blower also has one of the longest ranges of the group, allowing you to spend more time clearing leaves and litter and less time walking around. It has an above average battery life, it's solidly ergonomic and comfortable to use, and isn't excessively loud. All in all, the Power+ should be your first choice if you are looking for the best of the best.
Jam-packed with power
Good battery life
Could be a bit more ergonomic

Our Analysis and Test Results

Finishing right at the top of the entire group of cordless blowers, the closest competition to the Ego's performance is the Makita XBU02PT1. The Makita can't quite compare to the power of the Power+, failing to levitate the beach ball quite as high and couldn't move sand from as far away. These blowers both are about the same when it comes to ergonomics and have comparable list prices. The Ego definitely has an edge when it comes to battery life but is a bit louder than the Makita. Basically, we would recommend the Ego over the Makita for just about anyone, with the exception of someone who already owns Makita tools and wants to keep the same battery system across the board.

ego power+ 580 cfm - a top scorer, the ego power+ 580 cfm.
A top scorer, the Ego Power+ 580 CFM.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Performance Comparison

To determine which cordless leaf blower is truly the best of them all, we compared a wide array of different products, then bought all the best to test out for ourselves. We subjected each leaf blower to a variety of different assessments and evaluations, grouping them into four weighted testing metrics, with the Ego's performance in each elaborated upon below.

ego power+ 580 cfm - the power+ has what it takes to clear most debris.
The Power+ has what it takes to clear most debris.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


By far our most important series of tests, our power metric is wholly responsible for half of the Power+'s final score. For this rating metric, we measured how high each leaf blower could levitate a beach ball, how they handled clearing a variety of different rubbish from the pavement, and what their maximum range is — using sand as our sample debris to move. The Ego Power+ did exceptionally well, earning a 9 out of 10 for its essentially unmatched performance.

This cordless yard tool did the best at floating the beach ball, hovering it at about 5' in its highest standard mode and boosting it up to 7' when the Turbo boost was engaged.

ego power+ 580 cfm - the ego power+ model can hold up a beach ball impressively high.
The Ego Power+ model can hold up a beach ball impressively high.
Credit: Austin Palmer

For our maximum range test, we spread out an even layer of sand on our parking lot, then kept the Power+ in a fixed position to see how far away it can effectively clear. Using the High setting, this cordless blower was able to clear sand up to 164" away — a solidly respectable distance compared to the other products. However, this product definitely took the lead when the Turbo mode was turned on, clearing sand just shy of 20' (238 inches) away!

ego power+ 580 cfm - the power+ send sand flying.
The Power+ send sand flying.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

This blower is a total powerhouse when it comes to clearing mixed debris, sending leaves, dirt, and pine needles flying. It can even move a mound of pine needles when they start to mat together, as well as loosening packed in dirt and sending small pebbles and stones flying.


Next, we rated and compared the performance of the battery system of the Ego Power+, which constitutes 25% of its final score. To award points, we started the Power+ 580 CFM with a fully charged battery, then timed how long it lasted on its highest normal mode, as well as on its Turbo boost to determine runtime using an estimated split of 70/30 High/Turbo. We also timed how long it took a totally dead battery to recharge. The Power+ did decently well compared to the rest of the group, earning a 6 out of 10.

ego power+ 580 cfm - the battery on certain models, like this one, slides in really easily.
The battery on certain models, like this one, slides in really easily.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

The Power+ 580 CFM includes a single 56-volt, 5 amp hour battery. This lasted for about 36 minutes and 53 seconds on its high power mode and 19 minutes and 17 seconds with its Turbo setting engaged. Assuming out 70/30 usage split, this comes out to an effective runtime of 24 minutes and 24 seconds.

ego power+ 580 cfm - the 5ah ego power+ battery fully recharges in about 70 minutes using...
The 5Ah Ego Power+ battery fully recharges in about 70 minutes using the 320W Charger.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

The Power+ charges just a bit faster than average, usually taking around 90 minutes to completely refill a dead battery.


Our third metric focused on how comfortable it is to hold each cordless leaf blower, how balanced it is, and its weight, as well as if the blower is prone to trying to suck in your shirt or pants. We had a group of different people try out each blower to get a more diverse opinion when it came to comfort and balance. Altogether, these evaluations account for 15% of the overall score for each cordless blower, with the Ego Power+ earning a 5 out of 10 for its average performance.

The Power+ weighs about 10 lbs. with the battery installed, which is a little heavier than the average of the group.

The intake location on the Ego is on the back of the blower but it is shielded by the battery, which we found to be quite useful. This means that it almost never caught your shirt or pants when you were using the blower or switching it between hands, as other products were prone to do.

ego power+ 580 cfm - the battery location on this model helps keep your clothes from...
The battery location on this model helps keep your clothes from getting sucked into the intake.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

We did like the grip on the Power+ but weren't the biggest fans of the overall balance, with this blower pointing too much at the ground when held naturally. It doesn't take a ton of effort to raise it to an optimum blowing angle, but it is still a bit more fatiguing to use than some of the other products.

ego power+ 580 cfm - the turbo button is located on top, easily pressable with a thumb.
The Turbo button is located on top, easily pressable with a thumb.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

The blower has a trigger control system, as well as a cruise control dial.


Our last pair of tests focused on the noise level of each blower, which comprises the residual 10% of the total score for each product. Using our SPL meter, we measured both the noise level of each blower for the person using it and for someone who is 50' away. Additionally, we also compared the tone of the noise, deducting points for any that are particularly irritating — usually ones that have a high pitch or exceptionally whiny tone. The Power+ is on par for these products when it comes to noise, earning it a 5 out of 10.

We did like that this blower doesn't have any particularly bothersome tones — no high pitch whines or squeals — but it is a bit on the loud side, measuring in at 86 dBa on High and 94.5 dBa on Turbo for the person using it.

This dropped to 83.4 dBa at a distance of 50'.

ego power+ 580 cfm - clearing off pine needles on a local bike path.
Clearing off pine needles on a local bike path.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


While the Ego Power+ is an exceptional leaf blower, it isn't necessarily the best value option. It did deliver one of the absolute best performances we have seen to date, it is also one of the most expensive products we have seen to date, potentially putting it outside the budgets of many people. There are other products out there that aren't quite as powerful but give you a bigger bang for the buck.

ego power+ 580 cfm - the cruise control dial on the power+.
The cruise control dial on the Power+.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


If you are looking for a powerhouse of a cordless leaf blower, then the Ego Power+ 580 CFM is a fantastic choice. This blower has plenty of punch and decently long battery life but could be a bit more ergonomic. It comes at a bit of a premium price but it is pretty much the best that we have seen to date.

Austin Palmer, David Wise, and Jenna Ammerman