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Greenworks 25322 Review

This low-cost, manually-propelled lawn mower has an above average runtime
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Price:   $300 List | $268 at Amazon
Pros:  Above average runtime, descent power, quiet
Cons:  Narrow cutting deck, not self-propelled, relatively hard to push
Manufacturer:   Greenworks
By Nick Miley and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Jan 30, 2020
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  • Mowing - 35% 4
  • Battery - 25% 5
  • Handling - 25% 6
  • Ease of Use - 15% 6

Our Verdict

The Greenworks 25322 is a low-cost mower that is best suited to lower-demand lawns. While the model has a reasonably long runtime and descent power, it lacks self-propulsion and has a narrow cutting deck with minimal cutting height settings. The shortcomings in the areas of ease of use and handling — such as the unfolding and battery release mechanisms — are less than desirable attributes. However, if you want a long-lasting machine for a competitive price, this is the machine for you.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Greenworks 25322 has a relatively long runtime, a wide range of cutting heights, decent power, and it's relatively quiet. However, this mower is not self-propelled, which usually isn't that big of a deal, but it is also a bit hard to push, and the narrow cutting deck requires the operator to do more pushing compared to other models in the class. That said, this machine has the power to cut and mulch most lawn types if the user is willing to put in a little extra effort. Moreover, this machine runs for a long time on a single charge, and it will save you mucho dinero at checkout.

The petite proportions of the Greenwrks make it better suited to small lawns
The petite proportions of the Greenwrks make it better suited to small lawns

Performance Comparison


There is a good deal to like about the Greenworks. The mower is powered by a 40-volt, 4 amp-hour battery, which makes for a pretty long runtime. Given the power source, this mower can cut an estimated 9,196 square feet of grass. If this isn't enough runtime, the battery recharges fairly rapidly at 2 hours.

While the narrow cutting deck suggests that this mower isn't designed to tackle the most demanding jobs, when used in the right context it has ample power to mulch tall grass without too much fuss.

Finally, the Greenworks is quiet. We measured the noise produced by this mower from where the user stands, and it checked in at 72.8 dBA. That is relatively quiet when compared to others in the class and certainly more quiet than the gas-powered mowers of yore.


Our primary concerns about the Greenworks 25332 are focused on the ease of use and handling features. While these features do not directly contribute to the mower's effectiveness at cutting the grass, they certainly contribute to the enjoyment (or at least the lack of frustration) one derives from the task.

As has been previously mentioned, this mower is not self-propelled. The absence of this feature requires the user to push the mower as opposed to walking behind the machine as it motors along. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing so long as the lawn is relatively flat and well maintained, the Greenworks presents some resistance when we put it to task. Moreover, it lacks the maneuverability that we have come to expect from the smaller, manually-propelled mowers.

There are also a few minor issues we have with the design of this model's battery system. First off, the battery is a bit of a pain to remove. We prefer models where this task can be accomplished with one hand, but as it is the Greenworks will require two hands for many users. This inconvenience is due to a hard to access battery release, and a cover wants to close when it is in the raised position. The battery meter is under the cover as well, meaning that one can't monitor the battery life from the cockpit of the mower.

As a final point, we have some issues with the mower's folding/ unfolding mechanism. While the folding portion of the system works like a charm, the design does not allow for standing the machine on its end, which significantly increases the storage footprint. Additionally, when it comes time to unfold this puppy, it's an overly complicated, somewhat forceful task.

A tester struggling to unfold the Greenworks handle
A tester struggling to unfold the Greenworks handle


It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While the same can be said of value, we have a more objective definition that we like to work with when assessing the bang for the buck quotient of a product. We think that a product has value if, when compared to other products in its class, it is less expensive and of the same quality. Likewise, if the product is of a greater quality and costs the same amount of money, it too is of greater value. By this standard, the Greenworks offers consumers a good value worthy of accolades.

The narrow 13 3/4" cutting deck will mean the user will have to make more passes than many of the other models in our review
The narrow 13 3/4" cutting deck will mean the user will have to make more passes than many of the other models in our review


The Greenworks 25322 is a middle of the road mower that costs with a highly competitive price tag. This mower performs admirably in assessments of power and runtime but falters in evaluations of maneuverability and ease of use. Moreover, this mower has a narrow cutting deck that requires more passes than many of its peers to complete the same task, and thus it exacerbates some of its handling issues. If you have a flat, low maintenance lawn this machine will work.

Nick Miley and Austin Palmer