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Bosch CCS180 Review

This middle of the road 6 1/2" saw can best be described as meh
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Price:   $119 List | $109 at Amazon
Pros:  Decent cutting power, straightforward blade changing, simplistic design
Cons:  Difficult to adjust bevel, so-so battery life, unclear setting marks
Manufacturer:   Bosch
By Nick Miley and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Dec 19, 2019
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#5 of 10
  • Ease of Use - 50% 5
  • Cutting - 30% 7
  • Battery - 20% 6

Our Verdict

We feel lukewarm about the Bosch CCS180 because it presented mediocre outcomes in every evaluation we use to judge cordless saws. Cutting power, battery life, ease of use, all average. It is neither a terrible saw nor is it worth writing home about. Were it priced a bit lower we would have better things to say. As it is, we are hard-pressed to recommend this saw with more competitive options on the market.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Having familiarized ourselves with the Bosch's interface and run it through a gauntlet of tests, we find it difficult to say much about the saw. It didn't flop the tests we put it through, but it certainly didn't excel either. At the same time, the cost of this saw had us expecting a better performing machine. As such, we find it hard to compliment or criticize this saw. All we can say is that, for the money, you can get a saw that performs at a higher level.

Performance Comparison


We like that the Bosch is a fairly basic machine. One tester who has ample professional experience with circular saws commented that with all the bells and whistles on saws these days, I like the simplistic design. As we have come to expect from Bosch, the machine gives no indication that it has components prone to failure or damage due to normal use. The blade depth lever is also large, easy to actuate, and conveniently placed.

The Bosch has a very basic design  but it is reliable and straightforward to operate.
The Bosch has a very basic design, but it is reliable and straightforward to operate.


While there isn't anything overtly terrible about the Bosch, it lacks many of the ease of use features that would appeal to the novice or inexperienced saw user. These are a lever to secure the bevel and positive stops within the bevel to ensure that cut angles are accurate. Moreover, the sightlines that help the user guide in a cut are a little shallow and, as a result, relatively hard to see. Finally, the saw has just average battery performance.


We do not find the Bosch CCS180 to be a very good value. This appraisal is based on this saw's shortage of features that other saws in its price range boast. So, this saw is just a bit overpriced for what one gets when compared to others in the class.


The Bosch CCS180 is a middle of the road saw from a reputable brand that is just a bit overpriced. The saw gave average performances in battery life, cutting power and ease of use, yet it costs the same as better-performing saws in the 6 1/2" category. That said, the saw appears to be well constructed, and some might like its simplistic design.

Nick Miley and Austin Palmer