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This light-duty machine will appeal to novices and pros looking for an inexpensive trim saw
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Price:   $55 List | $46 at Amazon
Pros:  Very inexpensive, light-weight, accurate sightlines
Cons:  Short battery life, limited cutting power, difficult to change blades
Manufacturer:   BLACK+DECKER
By Nick Miley and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Dec 19, 2019
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  • Cutting - 30% 2
  • Battery - 20% 1

Our Verdict

The cutting scenarios that the BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B thrives in are narrow due to its relatively short battery life and underpowered motor. However, if a light-weight saw with enough power to make moderate cuts is a convenience that you require, then this little guy will fit the bill. Equipt with the right blade and handled correctly, this model makes a good trim saw, or just an excellent replacement for a hand saw in the DIY tool kit. The saw certainly has some shortcomings, but if one keeps it on the tasks that it is cut-out for, then it's not a bad product.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The 5 1/2" BLACK+DECKER tested at the bottom of the class in most of our evaluations. This outcome is primarily due to this saw competing with framing saws. The BLACK+DECKER is a light-weight, light-duty tool that, when used in the proper context, will be a beneficial addition to any tool kit. That said, the saw's limitations relative to the other members of the class are severe. The saw blade is small, and thus, it doesn't penetrate very deeply into a cut. It has a pretty weak motor, too. Additionally, this saw lacks nearly every ease of use feature. These shortcomings hurt this saw's standing in the overall ranking.

Performance Comparison


The features that we like in the BLACK+DECKER's design are some of the same things that one might criticize the saw for if purchased with unrealistic expectations. This saw is small, light-weight, and inexpensive. While it's not powerful, it is a nice little tool to have in the kit for odd cuts and light finish work such as cutting molding or trim.

The BLACK+DECKER is a petite pick-up saw  but it will make the odd cut with little fuss.
The BLACK+DECKER is a petite pick-up saw, but it will make the odd cut with little fuss.

This saw is also a good choice for those who do or want to do light carpentry tasks around the house and don't want to use a hand saw. This saw doesn't cost too much more than a handsaw, so it's a natural choice when comparing the two.


There are a lot of ease of use features absent on the BLACK+DECKER. However, this is to be expected on a saw in this price range. First off, the shoe is a little flimsy, and the adjustments for saw depth and bevel are hard to loosen and tighten. The markers for these adjustments are also hard to read. Additionally, the saw blade is relatively difficult to change. That said, this saw isn't terribly hard to use — it's just very basic.

The BLACK+DECKER is not a powerful saw. It bogs down in deep cross cuts, and it isn't the best at making long rips of lumber or sheeting. It will make these cuts, however. That is, while the battery lasts. Yes, this saw also suffers from a very short battery life. However, longer amp-hour batteries are available for purchase.


Despite all of this saw's deficits relative to the higher-rated saws in our review, we think the BLACK+DECKER is a good value. If you've been making cuts by hand and you picked up this little circular saw, we think you'd agree. The saw just doesn't cost that much, and yet it performs at a reasonable level. Our value assessment comes with a caveat though: if you have heavy cutting work in mind, don't invest in this saw. It's not the right tool for the job.


The BLACK+DECKER is an economy saw for those with minimal or specific light-duty jobs in mind. The saw is a fantastic alternative to a hand saw and isn't much more expensive. While the saw is short on many ease of use features, power, and battery life, one certainly gets what they are paying for with this machine. So, if you're new to power tools or you want a little saw for quick cuts, give the BLACK+DECKER a look.

Nick Miley and Austin Palmer