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ZWILLING Twin Signature 3-pc Starter Review

A minimalist set with unmatched sharpness and impeccable precision
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ZWILLING Twin Signature 3-pc Starter Review
Price:  $140 List
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Manufacturer:   ZWILLING
By Carissa Stanz ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 2, 2022
  • Sharpness and Precision - 35% 9.0
  • Quality and Durability - 25% 9.0
  • Balance - 20% 9.0
  • Handle Ergonomics - 15% 8.0
  • Storage - 5% 0.0

Our Verdict

The Zwilling Twin Signature 3-pc Starter is a top-performing kitchen knife set focusing on quality over quantity. Between the exceptionally sharp blade and ergonomic handles, this set does not disappoint. The three knives in this set are virtually all you need to prepare a large spread and one-serving meals alike. Whether you're short on space or looking to pare down to only things that matter, Zwilling has what you need.
Razor sharp
Spot-on balance
Good handle ergonomics
Pricey for only a few pieces
No santoku knife

Our Analysis and Test Results

Our Analysis and Test Results

Slice after slice, the Zwilling proved its worth. It was the top performer in almost all our tests, setting the bar high for its competitors. It is by all means an exemplary set with unmatched sharpness. Squash, tomatoes, herbs, you name it and it tackled it with finesse. As the blades sliced through, impeccable precision followed. No matter what ingredient we were cutting, we found ourselves happily reaching for these knives time and time again. If you're tired of clutter in the kitchen, these knives will do you proud. The price may be steep for such a minimal amount of pieces, but they are well worth every last shiny penny.

Performance Comparison

zwilling twin signature 3-pc starter - these three pieces are practically all you need for slicing, dicing...
These three pieces are practically all you need for slicing, dicing, and chopping.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Sharpness and Precision

You can tell right away how sharp a knife is by how much resistance you feel when cutting food. When welding the Zwilling resistance is next to none.

Not only did Zwilling top the charts for its astoundingly sharp blades, but it was also an all-around favorite for this metric. All three knives in this set feature the same sharpness as the last. The chef's knife efficiently roughly chopped veggies for soup, the utility knife thinly sliced tomatoes for sandwiches, and the paring knife easily peeled our apples as well as sliced them when making apple bread. Not only is the sharpness on point, but the precision is too. Thinly slicing onions, cucumbers, garlic, and then some was a piece of cake. With such incredible performance, these three knives more than met our dinner needs.

zwilling twin signature 3-pc starter - a sharp blade has no probably achieving thin tomato slices for your...
A sharp blade has no probably achieving thin tomato slices for your sandwich.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Quality and Durability

If you want longevity, you need quality. While that often means more money upfront, it also means you'll spend less replacing cheap knives. And the Zwilling has remarkable craftsmanship.

From meticulous examination to testing, our testers agreed that the Zwilling is premium in every sense of the word. The sturdy build and well-constructed rivets on the handles increase the strength of each knife. The beveled edges on the blades are flawless and the spines smoothly join the handles. The materials are undoubtedly selected to increase the lifespan of the set. Considering all these attributes, we have no reason to believe this set won't last year after year. While you will need to sharpen these from time to time, that's the proper protocol for any set.

zwilling twin signature 3-pc starter - all three knives in this set feature exceptional quality.
All three knives in this set feature exceptional quality.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


An unbalanced knife is less predictable and going to make you work harder for precise cuts. And who wants that? To assess balance, we first determined the balance point on each knife, then considered how they felt in use. After countless hours of chopping, slicing, and dicing, the Zwilling joined our first-class fleet of contenders for having spot-on balance.

When grasping the knives to locate the balance points, we found they were right where we wanted them. When it came time to actually use them, we turned to our favorite testing ingredient: onions. Onions can be tough and sticky. If you can get a clean slice without slippage, then you have a worthy blade. With the Zwilling, there wasn't any inkling of wobble one way or another. We found the same to hold true when tackling other ingredients like herbs, tomatoes, and raw steak.

zwilling twin signature 3-pc starter - perfect balance!
Perfect balance!
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Handle Ergonomics

When you're doing a lot of food prep, handle ergonomics will matter the most. An ergonomic handle won't cause pain and helps reduce fatigue when you're busy chopping away. Like virtually all the other metrics, the Zwilling joins the top contenders here too.

The smooth handle provides a comfortable grip while the curves are right where they should be. The length and circumference are a good size for average to large sized hands, but our testers with smaller hands liked them too. No matter how long we spent in the test kitchen in any given session, the Zwilling never left us with any sign of pain or fatigue.

zwilling twin signature 3-pc starter - the handle is a great choice for hands of varying sizes.
The handle is a great choice for hands of varying sizes.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


When purchasing multiple knives, storage can not only help you keep track of your cooking arsenal, but it offers protection for the blades. Unfortunately, storage is the one place that the Zwilling fell short.

The only storage option this kitchen knife set came with was the packaging. No block, no sheaths. If you're purchasing this set because you're limited on space or already have a proper way to store them, it won't be a concern. For anyone else, you may want to consider investing in a way to keep this premium set in tip-top shape.

zwilling twin signature 3-pc starter - despite lack of storage, less pieces means they won't take up too...
Despite lack of storage, less pieces means they won't take up too much drawer space.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Should You Buy the Zwilling Twin Signature 3-pc?

If you're looking to invest in only a few exceptional pieces, the Zwilling is where it's at. The sharpness of the blades alone makes them worth the steep price tag. Then there are other attributes like great balance, desirable handle ergonomics, and premium construction. Every detail makes this set a top performer, except for the lack of a storage option. Still, if you're all about the knives and not their housing, the Zwilling is more than worthy. Especially for those who choose performance over quantity. If you can squeeze it into your budget, you'll find the price is right where it should be.

What Other Kitchen Knife Set Should You Consider?

Such a steep price can be hard to swallow for so few knives. If you find yourself thinking the same thing, perhaps Wusthof Gourmet 10 Piece will suit you better. You get a wide range of knives and each one has a special purpose. For instance, the spreader is great for smearing soft cheese, jellies, or butter on toast. There's also the Tuo 8 Piece that offers two cleavers to handle tough produce, meat, and herbs. If you're looking for something less expensive, Henckels International Statement 12 Piece has all-around solid performance and won't break the bank. And to keep these blades in top condition, consider a top knife sharpener to go with them.

zwilling twin signature 3-pc starter - thinly slicing veggies is no problem with this set.
Thinly slicing veggies is no problem with this set.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Carissa Stanz

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