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Tuo 8 Piece Review

A reliable set that handles meat, tough produce, and delicate herbs like a boss
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Tuo 8 Piece Review
Credit: Tuo
Price:  $369 List
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Manufacturer:   Tuo
By Carissa Stanz ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 2, 2022
  • Sharpness and Precision - 35% 8.0
  • Quality and Durability - 25% 9.0
  • Balance - 20% 9.0
  • Handle Ergonomics - 15% 8.0
  • Storage - 5% 5.0

Our Verdict

Durable and reliable, the Tuo 8 Piece features stout knives with Chinese aesthetics and high-caliber German steel. From big cooking projects to single serving meals, this top-notch kitchen knife set has a range of uses and exquisite craftsmanship at that. The pakkawood handles provide a very sturdy grip. Meanwhile, the blades are extremely sharp. The beginner-friendly cleavers are easier to wield than they look, making them less intimidating for those not accustomed to their style. Home cooks searching for a sharp set built to last will find Tuo is a prime choice.
Excellent handle ergonomics
Quality construction
Cleavers not for everyone

Our Analysis and Test Results

The defining feature of the Tuo set is the two cleavers. The blunt edges and robust design make them highly efficient for tackling meats, hard produce, and herbs. For a more familiar experience, you can swap those out for the dependable santoku that's capable of handling a wide range of cutting tasks. Then there's the trusty paring knife fit for smaller ingredients. All of which have ergonomic handles and good balance. It may be bulky, but this hardy kitchen knife set has a lot to offer.

Performance Comparison

tuo 8 piece - this set has a lot to offer including a comfortable grip, durable...
This set has a lot to offer including a comfortable grip, durable construction, and two types of cleavers ready to get down to business.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Sharpness and Precision

Nothing is worse than trying to slice through tough foods only to find yourself struggling. That's why we love the Tuo. The fiercely sharp blades owned our toughest ingredients and then some.

We liked how the side of the cleaver crushed garlic with ease. What we found even more impressive was how they sliced through the flesh of butternut squash and chicken. In line with the sharpness is the precision. The utility knife gave us picture-perfect avocado slices and the santoku seamlessly sliced onions to a thin degree. Among the many tasks, the pointed tip of the paring knife was a good fit for hulling strawberries. Even the kitchen scissors proved to be a worthy tool for herbs and green onions. The only bummer is the Tuo does not include a chef's knife. However, the santoku more than made up for the lack thereof.

tuo 8 piece - the santoku is a versatile tool and this one excels!
The santoku is a versatile tool and this one excels!
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Quality and Durability

Quality often correlates with durability. Both of which equate to longevity. When it comes to Tuo, our testers were all in agreement that this is one of the most durable, quality sets around.

The full tang blades seamlessly join the handles like a glove. The handles themselves feature gorgeous pakkawood that is sturdy and durable. The stainless steel also feels like quality material that is very reliable and more than likely to maintain edge retention. That means it is less prone to chipping. During testing, we saw no points of weakness. Not even when we were cutting up squash or rotisserie chicken. Although pricey, we believe these knives will have a long lifespan proving their worth.

tuo 8 piece - a durable cleaver can hack through an apple time and time again...
A durable cleaver can hack through an apple time and time again without showing any signs of wear.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


A balanced knife is easier and less awkward to work with than an unbalanced knife. With such quality craftsmanship, it came as no surprise that the Tuo knives are well-balanced.

We found the location of the balance point to be right where we wanted them. For the santoku, that's right at the bolster. For the cleavers, it's on the blade. A blade-heavy cleaver gives you more muscle in the blade, which is precisely what you want when handling meat and hardy produce. The paring knife, on the other hand, is slightly handle-heavy to offer more precision for smaller cuts.

tuo 8 piece - we love the balance of the santoku.
We love the balance of the santoku.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Handle Ergonomics

Tuo excelled in virtually every test we put it up to, including handle ergonomics. Whether we were mincing herbs or slicing steak, we liked how the handles felt in our hands.

The angle on the bolster provides a comfortable and sturdy pinch grip. Grab the knives by the handle and the curves feel good in the palm. Despite which grip we tried, we didn't notice any discomfort during testing. The circumference of the handles is a bit on the wider side, which may not be ideal for individuals with smaller hands. That said, our testers found the sturdy grip to be highly enjoyable when it came to whipping up a big hearty dinner.

tuo 8 piece - a half bolster provides a nice, steady grip and leaves plenty of...
A half bolster provides a nice, steady grip and leaves plenty of room to sharpen the blade.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Housing beastly cleavers in addition to other items means you'll need a sizable storage block to match. Needless to say, the Tuo storage block is strikingly massive.

Our testers couldn't help but draw their attention to the gigantic block. The mighty stainless steel blades peak through the sides of their inserts, while all the knives have plenty of spacing within their home. Due to this attention grabbing design, it is more difficult to select knives on the side that is not facing you. Not to mention the entire set takes up a good amount of counter real estate. For this reason, we do not recommend this set for small kitchens or those short on counter space. However, it does make quite the statement for anyone looking to strike up a conversation.

tuo 8 piece - a big knife set like this needs the kitchen space to match.
A big knife set like this needs the kitchen space to match.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Should You Buy the Tuo 8 Piece?

The Tuo is a viable choice for home chefs who like hearty meals and big cooking projects. The two cleavers are terrific tools for all your meats, squashes, melons, root veggies, and other hard produce. For everything else, the santoku, utility knife, and paring knife have you covered. The pakkawood handles are ergonomic and attractive whereas the stainless steel blades are reliable. All of which feature impeccable quality and durability. While this is by no means a compact set, individuals who have the space will appreciate what Tuo has to offer.

What Other Kitchen Knife Set Should You Consider?

If you can't swing the price or the space, Henckels International Statement 12 Piece may be more suitable for your needs. It costs a mere fraction of the Tuo, and you still get great quality. For those who want a more high-end kitchen knife set, Wusthof Gourmet 10 Piece is a fine choice. This premium set is exceptionally sharp and precise. It comes with a wide range of pieces, each serving a specific purpose. Additionally, the storage block isn't a behemoth so it won't cost you a ton of space. If you want to keep these blades sharp now and far into the future, take a look at our review of the best knife sharpeners, too.

tuo 8 piece - durable cleavers aren't just for meat, they're good for herbs too --...
Durable cleavers aren't just for meat, they're good for herbs too -- especially when they have a curved blade for rocking.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Carissa Stanz

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