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Excalibur 3926TB Review

The best option for high volume dehydration with professional result
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Price:   $300 List | $244 at Amazon
Pros:  Massive capacity, quick clean-up trays, uniform food results
Cons:  Difficult to clean interior, no viewing window, expensive
Manufacturer:   Excalibur
By Nick Miley and Michelle Powell  ⋅  Aug 12, 2019
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Our Verdict

We found the Excalibur 3926TB to be the best all-around dehydrator in the class. While it is one of the more expensive machines in our review, the steep price is matched by the vast amount of tray space. This model might not be for everyone as it leans towards production food processing as opposed to compact storage. However, if you have the space available and want across the board high-performance, then this is the model for you.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Excalibur 3926TB delivered a consistent, high-quality performance in our side-by-side tests. That is not to say that there are no other machines that delivered similar results, but none that boasts the capacity of this machine.

Quality and Consistency

The most important aspect of a dehydrator's performance is how the food coming out of it tastes and feels. While the dehydration process is simple enough to understand, it can be easy to mess up. The 3926TB produces uniformly delectable results in terms of texture, evenness, and flavor with beef jerky, vegetables, and fruit.

Easy to Use and Accurate

The main contributors to quality outcomes with a dehydrator are timing and consistent internal temperature. When a product is designed to allow these elements to be controlled by the user it can help a great deal. The 3926TD has a pair of knobs to manage time and temperature. The problem is that the temperature knob is marked off in temperature ranges, making precision temperature settings difficult to attain. This is a likely cause of the temperature deviations we observed in our test.


Our testing has revealed that, with few exceptions, dehydrators are a bit of a pain to clean up. There are two parts to this process. First, there are the trays. Next is the interior and in particular the floor of the machine where all the drippings accumulate. The Excalibur has easy to clean trays thanks to its removable, non-stick mesh tray liners. The interior of the machine is another story. The plastic of this model has a rough texture, and as such it adds some difficulty to the wipe-down process. However, we've seen much worse, and it's nothing a little elbow grease can't overcome.


The 3926TD is a very expensive dehydrator. However, this hefty price tag is congruent with the size and performance of the product. As such, we think this model is well worth the money assuming that you actually need the tray space.


The Excalibur 3926TD is a large, expensive, production dehydrator that is designed for serious cooks. If you're looking to make dehydration a regular part of your life, this is the model for you.

Nick Miley and Michelle Powell