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Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT Review

A tech forward inverter A/C unit with a great app, and quiet operation but can be a pain to install
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Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT Review (This heavy 12K BTU unit is great in every regard, except when it comes to installation.)
This heavy 12K BTU unit is great in every regard, except when it comes to installation.
Credit: Brian Walker
Price:  $480 List
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Manufacturer:   Midea
By Austin Palmer and Benjamin Hickok  ⋅  Oct 25, 2023

#1 of 10
  • Cooling - 30% 7.8
  • Energy Consumption - 25% 7.6
  • Installation - 10% 6.0
  • Noise - 20% 8.5
  • Convenience - 15% 9.5

Our Verdict

While the Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT wasn't the most powerful 12,000 BTU window air conditioning unit we tested, it is certainly up to the task of cooling a space. It is also one of the quietest models we tested and offers great energy efficiency when compared to models with similar specifications. You won't be disappointed with this model for keeping a larger room cool during the peak of the summer, especially if you hate noise and enjoy the convenience features like WiFi connectivity and a smart app that you can use remotely. However, if you're looking for something less pricey, check out our comprehensive review of the best window air conditioners.
Inverter technology
Great cooling
App included
Pain to install
Poor child lock
Large remote

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Bottom Line Quiet and WiFi connected, this is a great unit, even if its a pain to installEfficient, quiet, and tech forward, but can be painful to installA typical window A/C unit that gets the job done for a relatively modest priceSimple, affordable, and it gets the job doneThis model may be loud, but you'll be cool and comfy in no time!
Rating Categories Midea U-Shaped MAW1... Midea U-Shaped MAW0... LG LW6017R GE AHEC05AC Frigidaire FHWC124WB1
Cooling (30%)
Energy Consumption (25%)
Installation (10%)
Noise (20%)
Convenience (15%)
Specs Midea U-Shaped MAW1... Midea U-Shaped MAW0... LG LW6017R GE AHEC05AC Frigidaire FHWC124WB1
Modes (fan speeds) Fan (1-3 + auto)
Cool (1-3 + auto)
Dry (auto Only)
Auto (auto Only)

Eco button can be activated: Cool, Dry, Auto
Fan (1-3 + auto)
Cool (1-3 + auto)
Dry (auto Only)
Auto (auto Only)

Eco button can be activated: Cool, Dry, Auto
Fan (1-3)
Cool (1-3 + auto)
Dry (high only)
Energy Saver [Eco] (1-3)
Fan (high/low)
Cool (high/low)
Fan (1-3)
Cool (1-3 + auto)
Dry (low only)
Eco (1-3 + auto)
Energy Star Certified Yes Yes No No Yes
Manufacturer Listed BTU Rating 12000 BTU 8000 BTU 6000 BTU 5050 BTU 12000 BTU
Manufacturer Air CFM Low: 177 CFM
High: 277 CFM
Low: 150 CFM
High: 215 CFM
Dry Air Flow: 134 Low: 122 CFM
High: 143 CFM
Low: 252 CFM
Med: 285 CFM
High: 321 CFM
24-Hour On/Off Timer Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Energy Saver Mode Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Low Voltage Start-up N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes
Sleep Mode Yes Yes No No Yes
Manufacturer Recommended Cooling Area 550 sq ft 350 sq ft 260 sq ft 100 - 150 sq ft 550 sq ft
Wi-Fi / App Enabled Yes Yes No No No
Control Type Electronic Electronic Electronic Mechanical Electronic
Remote Control Yes, Large Yes, Large Yes No Yes
Washable Dust Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manufacturer Window Width Minimum 22" 21" 21" 21-7/8" 25"
Manufacturer Window Width Maximum 36" 36" 35" 36" 36"
Manufacturer Window Height Minimum 13-3/4" 13-3/4" 12" 13-3/8" 15-1/2"
Refrigerant Type R32 R32 R32 R32 R32
Child Lock No No No No Yes
Manufacturer Dehumidify/Moisture removal N/A N/A 1.8 pt/hr 1.0 pt/hr 3.8 pt/hr
Measured Weight 55.8 lb 52.5 lb 40.5 lb 37.8 lb 69 lb
CEER 15 15 11.3 11 12
Estimated Summer Cost $102.84 $78.44 $73.21 $69.72 $139.45
Average dBa Reading on High 56.6 dBa 49 dBa 57.4 dBa 56.1 dBa 62 dBa
Measured average kWh usage in 1 hour 0.59 kWh 0.45 kWh 0.42 kWh 0.4 kWh 0.8 kWh
Average Temperature After 1 Hour 72.95 73.625 73.175 73.625 68.675

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT excels at cooling larger spaces while doing it quietly and efficiently. It also offers some really great convenience features, and the only gripe we might have with it is its slightly more involved installation. It's great all-around, but keep reading to see how it performed across our test metrics.

Performance Comparison

The Midea app is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
Credit: Brian Walker


Our cooling test metric assessed how effectively each model can cool a space from a specific temperature within an hour. Due to its significance to air conditioners, it makes up 30 percent of each window unit's overall score.

Our team tested two 12,000 BTU units in our product test lineup and the Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT, while very capable at cooling our test room, was outperformed by others, although not many. The Midea cooled our test room to 12.4 degrees in one hour. While the difference is relatively minor, the Midea does nearly the same task, but much more quietly, efficiently, and conveniently as you will see in our other test metrics.

midea u-shaped maw12v1qwt - a great unit all around, but installation could be easier.
A great unit all around, but installation could be easier.
Credit: Austin Palmer

Energy Consumption

Our energy consumption tests accounted for 25 percent of each window air conditioner unit's total score and entailed measuring each model's energy consumption in a controlled test. Our team utilized a watt meter to measure kilowatt-hours of energy consumed by each unit while running at the highest power and fan speed settings for one hour.

For a more powerful 12,000 BTU unit that you would expect to consume more power, the Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT performed very well.

The Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT utilizes inverter technology, which controls motor speeds as opposed to the older technologies that simply cycle a motor on and off at its full duty cycle. Since keeping a motor running at almost any speed requires less power than constantly starting a comparable motor from a stop, the Midea is able to perform well while keeping energy consumption down and won't be nearly as bad on your energy bill as many other units of a similar size and capability.


Our noise metric gauged the loudness and disruptive quality of each of the models in our lineup and assigned it a weight of 20 percent of their overall scores.

The Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT did a great job, even for a powerful 12,000 BTU unit that you might expect to be louder. In fact, it didn't just do great for a 12k unit; it outscored most of the models we tested.

Quiet inverter technology combined with a 'U-shaped' design that keeps many noise-generating mechanical components on the outside of a window cuts noise down to a minimum.

midea u-shaped maw12v1qwt - noise is not an issue with this ultra quiet model.
Noise is not an issue with this ultra quiet model.
Credit: Brian Walker


Our convenience metric, constituting 15 percent of each model's final score, assesses and scores a number of convenience features. This includes air direction adjustments, temperature and display settings, the different operational modes, how robust their remotes are if one is included, WiFi connectivity and apps, timers, and child locks.

The Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT checks almost all the boxes when it comes to convenience. It offers a wide range of modes and settings, as well as a robust and easy to use remote. It can also be connected to the WiFi and controlled by an app that is straightforward and convenient to use. The unit is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so those who use those services can easily add the unit to schedules as part of their current home automation.

Just like our experience with the 8k sister model, our test team failed to get the child lock to work consistently. At its worst, the feature doesn't function, and at its best, it's difficult to get it to function. Unfortunately, if a child safety lock matters to you, you may have to look past either this model or the 8k 'U-Shaped' sister model.

midea u-shaped maw12v1qwt - the remote that is included with this model is a little bulky.
The remote that is included with this model is a little bulky.
Credit: Brian Walker


For our last metric, we installed and uninstalled each unit to see how easy or difficult it was. Since this task will likely only be performed once a year, we only dedicate 10 percent of the final score to this metric.

While impressive in nearly every other regard, the Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT, like a smaller sister 'U-Shaped' model, is not the easiest unit to install. Its design means you'll need to install a support bracket (which isn't used by most other models we tested), and you'll want to set aside between 45 minutes and an hour to install.

Weighing in just shy of 56 pounds, the Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT can be difficult for some users to lift and install alone, and we wouldn't recommend it as it exceeds the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health standard of 51 pounds per person. So before installation, plan on getting a friend to assist in lifting the unit into place.

midea u-shaped maw12v1qwt - an additional step involves securing a bracket to support the window...
An additional step involves securing a bracket to support the window unit.
Credit: Brian Walker

Should You Buy the Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT?

If you are looking for one of the best performing 12,000 BTU window air conditioner units to cool a larger space and don't want to listen to the noise often associated with a window AC unit, then the Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT is our top choice. Not only will you get a lot of cooling performance and energy efficiency for a rather quiet unit, but you'll also get one of the best smartphone apps and other convenience features, like connectivity to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for those wanting more robust controls and automation. Overall, it is one of the best units for larger spaces that has all the modern bells and whistles.

What Other Window Air Conditioner Should You Consider?

The Midea U-Shaped MAW12V1QWT may be an excellent choice for cooling larger rooms, but it may be more than what is necessary for more modest sized rooms, and is also on the expensive end for window air conditioners. For smaller spaces, the more affordable 8,000 BTU Midea U-Shaped MAW08V1QWT also offers top-tier performance and comes with the same smart capabilities and energy efficiency. However, if budget is a concern, then the LG LW6017R is a more affordable and easier to install option, offering performance that rivals the top models but isn't nearly as quiet as the Midea. If noise, energy consumption, and cost are not a factor, and you are still looking for a 12,000 BTU model to rapidly cool a larger space, then take a look at the Frigidaire FHWC124WB1. This model offers one of the greatest cooling performances of any of the models we tested but is exceptionally loud, a little pricey, and won't be doing you any favors on your next energy bill.

Austin Palmer and Benjamin Hickok