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RAVPower Super-C 26800 Review

This battery is big, but doesn't have much else going for it
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RAVPower Super-C 26800 Review
Credit: Jenna Ammerman
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Manufacturer:   RAVPower
By David Wise and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Mar 4, 2019

Our Verdict

The RAVPower Super-C finished right at the back of the pack, earning one of the lowest scores we have seen so far. While it does have an impressive capacity and is compatible with the new power delivery USB charging standard, we overall weren't thrilled with its performance. It takes an incredibly long time to recharge and it is one of the larger batteries of the group, making it a pain to carry around in a coat or pant pocket. However, it is fairly convenient and can charge your devices a ton of time, but we would recommend other products over this one if you are looking for a charger specifically for larger, power-hungry devices.
Large capacity
Decently convenient
Not very portable
Takes forever to recharge

Our Analysis and Test Results

We started our quest to find the best USB portable charger of them all by comparing dozens and dozens of different batteries, then buying the most compelling models to test out head-to-head. We compared and evaluated the performance of each battery pack in a series of tests, grouped into four weighted metrics, with the Super-C's less than super results described below.

Performance Comparison

ravpower super-c 26800 - you can charge a newer macbook with this portable charger.
You can charge a newer MacBook with this portable charger.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


Responsible for the largest portion of the score for each product, our portability tests account for 40% of the overall score for each product. For this group of evaluations, we compared how easy it is to carry around each battery in a pocket, as well as its overall size and weight. As mentioned above, the Super-C is one of the largest batteries.

ravpower super-c 26800 - this charger is better-suited carrying in a bag rather than a pocket.
This charger is better-suited carrying in a bag rather than a pocket.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

This battery is definitely too large to be easily carried in the front or back pocket on most pairs of pants. It won't even fit in most pockets and it usually will stick out or be excessively cumbersome even if it does fit. However, you can fit in a few coat pockets, but you will definitely notice the bulk. It is also one of the heaviest batteries, weighing just over a pound.

The Super-C has a rectangular shape that measures just shy of 7 inches long and just over 3 inches wide and is 0.88 inches thick.


For our next group of assessments, we used a digital multimeter and resistive dummy load to measure the actual capacity of each battery with realistic discharge rates and looked at device-specific charging claims to determine the scores. The Super-C delivered an overall mediocre performance.

While this battery does have one of the largest stated capacities of the entire group, we were only able to pull about 57% of this out with our resistive load set to a 2.4 amp discharge rate. We then repeated the test with a 1 amp rate and got a small amount more out — around 60%.

ravpower super-c 26800 - the super-c is able to charge a nintendo switch while you are playing.
The Super-C is able to charge a Nintendo Switch while you are playing.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

However, the RAVPower Super-C did meet its manufacturer's claims regarding charging specific devices. RAVPower states that you can charge an iPhone 6S ten times, a Samsung S6 six times, or an iPad Air twice. Using those numbers, we calculated that it would be equivalent to charging a Samsung S8 5.1 times and found that the Super-C slightly exceeded this in our test, charging the phone 5.13 times before completely dying.

Added Convenience

Next, we assessed and compared what additional features and functions each portable battery pack has that make their overall use and operation that much more convenient. We specifically awarded points to batteries that had integrated device charging cables, built-in recharging methods, or included a flashlight, as well as the length of the warranty term and if you can charge multiple devices at the same time. The RAVPower Super-C did quite well in this metric, which is responsible for close to a third of its final score at 30%.

This portable charger can charge up to three devices simultaneously using its two USB-B and one USB-C output ports. It also has a decently long warranty period — 18 months if you don't register, 30 months if you do.

It also is compatible with the new Power Delivery standard, allowing you to charge certain devices much faster when using the USB-C port. However, it lacks any integrated cables or recharging methods and does not have a flashlight on it.

Recharge Time

For our fourth and final metric, we timed and scored each power pack on how long it took to recharge. This accounts for the remaining tenth of the total score, with the RAVPower Super-C earning a low score for its exceptionally long recharge time.

This battery took almost 12 hours to recharge — much longer than any other battery we tested, even ones with the same stated capacity.

ravpower super-c 26800 - the super-c took a long time to charge in our test.
The Super-C took a long time to charge in our test.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


This battery is a bit too expensive to be a good value for most people, but it is one of the cheaper options that have the new Power Delivery capabilities, making it a decent value if you are looking for a portable way to recharge your Nintendo Switch or new MacBook on a budget.


Overall, the RAVPower Super-C 26800 is far from our favorite battery pack. It's big, bulky, and hard to carry and takes absolute eons to recharge. However, it does stand out by having Power Delivery capability, but this isn't enough to overcome its flaws for most people.

David Wise and Austin Palmer