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Clutch V3 iPhone Review

Ultra-thin and small enough to carry in a wallet anywhere you go in case of any potential emergencies
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Clutch V3 iPhone Review (The Clutch is enticingly small and can get you home from a long day out and about when you just need a little extra...)
The Clutch is enticingly small and can get you home from a long day out and about when you just need a little extra juice.
Credit: Maggie Nichols
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Manufacturer:   Clutch
By Jacob Clark ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 31, 2023
  • Charging Efficiency - 30% 7.5
  • Added Convenience - 30% 4.0
  • Portability - 25% 9.5
  • Recharge Time - 15% 3.0

Our Verdict

The Clutch V3 is a captivatingly slim, super portable charger that easily fits in even the tiniest wallets for any battery drain crisis. This degree of transportable convenience makes it an excellent emergency option to always have on hand. By eliminating unnecessary extras and lavish perks, the Clutch is not the luxurious model to sustain all your gadgets during extended journeys. Instead, it's the perfect backup for your phone. By choosing your phone's input (lightning or USB-C), the single-wired Clutch is dedicated to charging solely that device. It's barely bigger than a pile of five credit cards, making it effortless to store in your wallet. With a powered Clutch in your rear pocket, you'll never fret about your phone running out of juice before you can summon that after-hours Uber ride back to your abode.
And integrated cable
Small battery capacity may not be large enough for all phones
Inconsistent efficiency performance
And single device only

Our Analysis and Test Results

The updated Clutch V3 weighs a mere 2.6 ounces and provides a capacity of 3300 mAh. It's equipped with a single integrated output cable, with your choice of a lightning or USB-C cable, and recharges through a micro USB port.

Performance Analysis

clutch v3 iphone - hard to beat the portability of a charger that is barely the size of...
Hard to beat the portability of a charger that is barely the size of a small wallet.
Credit: Jacob Clark

Charging Efficiency

The updated Clutch V3 boasts a capacity of 3000 mAh, marking it as one of the smallest capacity models in our selection. It's not designed to charge multiple devices over several days, but instead, it's an optimal emergency solution when you require a bit more juice to reach an outlet for a full recharge. It has only one power outlet via its compact integrated cable — you can choose between a lightning cable or a USB-C cable. The Clutch is so slim that it doesn't feature an extra USB-A output port to incorporate a separate cable.

We evaluated the functional capacity of each charger in our lineup in various ways — draining the battery using a multimeter and using the battery to power a dead iPhone 13. When using the multimeter, the Clutch V3 delivered an average efficiency of approximately 85%. When charging the iPhone 13, we managed to power the iPhone to 75%, which is not bad for such a small-capacity battery.

clutch v3 iphone - compared to an iphone 13 pro this charger seems to be tiny in...
Compared to an iPhone 13 Pro this charger seems to be tiny in comparison.
Credit: Jacob Clark

Added Convenience

Compared to the numerous models we tested that possess many versatile features, the updated Clutch V3 initially seems significantly less convenient. And if you're seeking a portable charger to power various devices, that's true. This slim battery has only one cable for charging one device at a time. It doesn't support tablet charging, multi-device power, or swift charging for any particular gadget. It lacks an inbuilt flashlight or integrated wall charger.

It does, however, include a micro USB cord to charge the Clutch V3. And although this tiny battery only has a single cable, by aligning it with your phone's input, you'll never have to remember to carry a cable when you need to recharge your phone. It features four small white LED lights that remain on while charging, allowing you to monitor the remaining power easily. Once you've connected your phone, there's no additional button to press; it initiates charging immediately. And the additional convenience of being able to slip the Clutch into your slim wallet or small handbag always to have it handy cannot be overstated.

clutch v3 iphone - so small you could lose it, yet no need to remember a cable as this...
So small you could lose it, yet no need to remember a cable as this itty bitty charger has it integrated for your convenience.
Credit: Jacob Clark


It would be a challenge to envision a more transportable charger than the Clutch V3. It stands as the thinnest, smallest, and lightest model we examined.

At a length of just 3.63 inches and a width of 2.5 inches, it's barely bigger than a standard credit card measuring 3.65 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width. With a thickness of 0.23 inches, it equates to about five or six credit cards stacked together. It tips the scales at a trifling 2.6 ounces, making it a true featherweight.

While most portable chargers would create a noticeably bulky package in your back pocket when placed atop your phone, the Updated Clutch V3 is a different story. It's our preferred choice for carrying in this manner. If you fancy charging your phone inside your purse or backpack, the Clutch seems to occupy even less space, and its notably short cord prevents it from tangling with other items it might be adjacent to. Even when you need to continue using your phone while it charges, simply stacking the Clutch behind it adds such minimal additional bulk and weight that it's virtually unnoticeable.

clutch v3 iphone - razor thin profile of the clutch v3 clocks in at a mere 0.16" thick.
Razor thin profile of the Clutch V3 clocks in at a mere 0.16" thick.
Credit: Jacob Clark

Recharge Time

Where all other shortcomings of using and owning the Clutch V3 are compensated for in other ways, this is not the case with its recharge time. Despite having a capacity that's less than a third of most other chargers we tested, it still took considerably more than the average amount of time to recharge.

The manufacturer states the Clutch V3 can be fully charged in 3.5 hours, but we never achieved full capacity in less than 4.75 hours despite numerous cycles of draining and recharging. That's quite a long time for such a small-capacity device. When you do find yourself using your Clutch to keep you powered up while you're out, you'll need to allow a generous amount of time to recharge it before heading out again.

clutch v3 iphone - simple, small, and clean design is perfect for keeping on hand no...
Simple, small, and clean design is perfect for keeping on hand no matter the bag or pocket in case of emergencies.
Credit: Jacob Clark

Should You Purchase the Clutch V3?

If you generally manage to keep your phone charged but occasionally find yourself low on battery after a lengthy day, having the Clutch V3 handy is a superb security blanket for peace of mind. However, suppose you're after a robust battery that you can use to charge your phone overnight instead of plugging it into an outlet. In that case, the minimal capacity of the Clutch makes it an unsuitable candidate for this type of usage.

What Other Portable Chargers Should You Consider?

The Clutch V3 is an excellent emergency option to always have with you in case your phone starts to die before you can access an outlet. However, its minimal capacity can't fully recharge a dead phone. If you're drawn to a compact, portable unit but desire more power and versatility, consider the Miisso 6000mAh Ultra Slim. It offers double the capacity, both lightning and USB-C cables, a USB-A port, and a faster recharge time without a significant increase in size and weight. For the ultimate integrated charging cable and port experience, the TG90° 10000mAh with AC Wall Plug provides even more power and all three primary integrated output types (lightning, USB-C, and micro USB) plus a USB-A output. But for a minuscule device you can toss in your purse or wallet and forget about until it rescues your dying phone, giving you just enough juice to get home, the Clutch V3 has got you covered.

clutch v3 iphone - relative to a wallet, the charger is smaller and easier to carry in...
Relative to a wallet, the charger is smaller and easier to carry in a pocket.
Credit: Jacob Clark

Jacob Clark