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Swagtron T6 Review

This burly hoverboard is fast, stable, and an excellent pick for those that want a top of the line performance model at a decent price.
The Swagtron T6.
Editors' Choice Award
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Price:   $400 List | $356 at Amazon
Pros:  Fast, stable, great off-road
Cons:  Not as agile, less fun
Manufacturer:   Swagtron
By David Wise and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Jul 3, 2017
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#1 of 13
  • Fun Factor - 50% 6
  • Outdoor Capabilities - 20% 8
  • Support - 20% 7
  • Battery - 10% 9

Our Verdict

Tying for first place, the Swagtron T6 delivered an exceptional performance, meriting it an Editors Choice award and the title of best performance hoverboard. This board is astonishingly fast and can handle off-road terrain and obstacles very well. In addition, this model retails at a much more reasonable price than other off-road models, making it a clear choice for those that want exceptional performance without paying an unnecessarily high price.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The Swagtron T6 is a high performing model that performs exceedingly well. This model is extremely fast, stable, and decently comfortable to ride. It has the customer support to back it up and is a fantastic pick for those that want to push their hoverboarding to the max.

The Swagtron T6 is a top-performing  performance hoverboard.
The Swagtron T6 is a top-performing, performance hoverboard.

Performance Comparison

To test and rank these products, we bought the top models available and put them through a series of grueling head-to-head tests to sort out the winners from the losers. We based the final scores, ranging from 0-100, on four weighted rating metrics: Fun Factor, Outdoor Capabilities, Support, and Battery. The following sections detail where the Swagtron T6 excelled and where it came up a little short.

The T6 made up for its lack of agility with its exceptionally high maximum speed.
The T6 made up for its lack of agility with its exceptionally high maximum speed.

Fun Factor

By far the most important metric in our testing process, the highest weighted Fun Factor metric accounts for 55% of the total score for each board. To rate this, we had a panel of testers take these boards through an obstacle course and perform a series of prescribed maneuvers, as well as cruise around town. We aggregated their overall opinions and used that to determine scores. In addition, we also measured the top speed of each board, looked at how many colors it came in, whether or not it was compatible with common accessories, and last, but certainly not least, whether or not it had a Bluetooth speaker built in. The T6 delivered an above average between how enjoyable it was to ride and what fun extras it afforded you, earning it a 6 out of 10. You can see how this compares with the rest of the models in the chart below.

This model does have a built-in speaker that didn't sound half bad, ensuring you can always have the perfect soundtrack to match your ride. This model is available in three colors: desert camo, matte black, and pink camo, with the matte black model being the one we selected for our test. This model is the fastest that we have tested, almost hitting 12 mph, which is about as fast as we really wanted to be going on a hoverboard anyways. The chart below shows how this compares to the rest of the pack and just how much faster the T6 is from many of the boards in the group.

Unfortunately, the larger wheels and heavy motors make this one of the heaviest boards of the group, as shown in the following chart.

These larger wheels also make this model incompatible with commonly found decorative or protective third party silicon skins or carrying cases. This model is quite fun to ride, but its larger size and wider base put it at a serious disadvantage compared to models like the T3 or the T1. This model simply isn't as agile as the smaller boards but if you can get past the slower turn, it's still great fun.

Roads? You don't need roads with the T6.
Roads? You don't need roads with the T6.

Outdoor Capabilities

Tying with the Support metric for second highest weight, our Outdoor Capabilities metric is responsible for 20% of the total score for each board. This testing metric consisted of riding and evaluating each product in a variety of challenging terrains, such as packed sand and dirt, grass, and steep hills. In addition, we also tested each board by driving over crack and bumps, as well as standard entry thresholds in doorways. The T6 delivered a great performance, earning an 8 out of 10, putting it squarely in the runner-up position for this group of tests. The chart below shows how this score compares to the rest of the pack.

The Swagtron T6 did very well in our incline test, both ascending and descending 750' along a 14% grade. This model performed practically identical to the other off-road models in the group, such as the Epikgo Premier, Halo Rover, or Epikgo Classic, with the Segway being the only model that exceeded its performance.

Even the steepest hills were no match for the T6.
Even the steepest hills were no match for the T6.

The performance of the T6 dropped slightly when it came to driving over short grass, with the other off-road models crossing the section of lawn with less difficulty. However, the T6 tied with the Segway for the top score when we tested their abilities at crossing packed dirt and sand. The T6 also delivered an awesome performance when driving over cracked and bumpy roads, though it once again finished a close second to the Segway miniPro.

The large wheels made clearing small obstacles a breeze.
The large wheels made clearing small obstacles a breeze.

The T6 also did very well at crossing thresholds, though it was surpassed by the models with larger wheels, the Skque X1L10 and the Segway miniPro.


Ranking equally with our Outdoor Capabilities metric, the Support rating metric also comprised 20% of the total score. This metric is particularly important, as we have found that these products are somewhat prone to breaking in general or developing strange issues, seemingly of their own accord. Having a reliable customer support number or email to contact can make all the difference between a quick fix or frustrating troubleshooting. Like the other models made by Swagtron, the T6 did great in this metric, earning it a 7 out of 10. You can see how this compared to the support provided by the other manufacturers in the chart below.

To test this, we compared the response times and methods for contacting each manufacturer, as well as how helpful their response was in troubleshooting various difficulties and the warranty included with each board. In addition, we also assessed how well each board held up to our testing process and if there was any sustained damage, as a more durable board will need less customer support services.

The T6 includes a 1-year limited warranty — longer than most models. There are tons of ways to contact Swagtron, including phone, email, and a variety of social media platforms. They were reasonably helpful in their responses to our inquiries and responded promptly. The T6 also held up very well to our testing process, with this durable hoverboard only exhibiting some minor scrapes and scuffs with no severe damage.


Finishing out our test, the Battery metric made up the remaining 10% of the total score. To evaluate this, we conducted three separate tests: runtime, range, and charging time. The Swagtron T6 actually scored very well in this category, earning a 9 out of 10 for its superb performance, tying for first place with the Segway. The chart below shows how the T6 compared to the rest of the models in the test.

The T6 has the second longest range of the entire group of boards at 12 miles, rivaled only by the 14.7 miles that the miniPro traveled before dying. The chart below shows how the rest of the boards fared in this test.

The T6 continued its stellar performance into our runtime test, but once again was shut out from the top spot by the Segway. The T6 lasted for 2:00 doing a variety of back and forth movement, spins, turn, and other sudden direction changes, 25 minutes shy of the time put up by the Segway. However, the T6 did charge faster than the Segway, only taking about 2:20 to completely recharge a dead battery, compared to the three hours required by the Segway.


While the T6 isn't necessarily the best value option, it's a premium hoverboard at a reasonable price.


Tying for the highest score overall, the T6 is an excellent performance pick. It's exceptionally fast, stable, and comfortable to ride — making it one of the only models that we would actually consider as a viable transport option. The large pneumatic tires allow it to handle the off-road terrain and rough roads without flinching and the good customer support helps ensure that you won't be on your own if you do get into any trouble. This is a great choice for someone who wants to go fast while retaining agility or lives in an area with less than ideal pavement.

David Wise and Austin Palmer