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Swagtron T6 Review

This burly hoverboard is fleet, stable, great off-road and competitively priced
The Swagtron T6.
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Price:   $400 List
Pros:  Fast, stable, all-terrain crusher
Cons:  Limited maneuverability, heavy, limited color options
Manufacturer:   Swagtron
By Nick Miley, David Wise and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Jul 29, 2019
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  • Fun Factor - 50% 6
  • Outdoor Capabilities - 20% 8
  • Support - 20% 7
  • Battery - 10% 9

Our Verdict

The Swagtron T6 claims our Editor's Choice award for across the board high-end performance. This model is fast and powerful, dispensing with obstacles such as thresholds and cracks with ease. Performance details aside, this board retails at a more reasonable price than other off-road capable models. As such, this board is a go-to if you want exceptional performance that won't cost an arm and a leg.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The Swagtron T6 is a complete package. It's swift, powerful, stable, and burly. The board climbs hills like it ain't no thing and cruises through sand, dirt, and grass like a true all-terrain vehicle. While these big-wheeled boards are on the heavier side, the T6 won't leave your wallet light. As if this wasn't enough to warrant purchasing one of these guys, Swagtron has the hands-down best customer support in the class.

Performance Comparison

Before we test and rank products in our reviews we first perform extensive research of all the leading products in a given category paying close attention to innovations, manufacturer's claims, and customer reviews. We then buy the most promising models and put them through a series of tests specifically designed to expose the strengths and weaknesses of each model. Thus, our direct comparison rating system separates the wheat from the chaff in an easy to digest format. Final scores range from 1 - 100 and are the sum on four weighted rating metrics: Fun Factor, Outdoor Capabilities, Support, and Battery. The following sections detail where the Swagtron T6 excelled and where it came up a little short.

The T6 made up for its lack of agility with its exceptionally high maximum speed.
The T6 made up for its lack of agility with its exceptionally high maximum speed.

Fun Factor

It became clear in our research for this review that the main reason people were shopping for hoverboards was to have fun. In order to address this reality, we developed a test metric to quantify the phenomenon of fun and weighted the results to account for half of a board's overall score. While fun is difficult to define uniformly, we are confident that certain aspects of hoverboard design and performance will increase the likelihood of the rider having fun. Moreover, to address the subjectivity of such a metric, we augmented our test panel, believing that an increase sample depth would produce more reliable results. The regiment of tests falling under the fun factor umbrella includes measured the top speed, run time, and travel radius.

Additionally, we looked at color options, aftermarket accessories, Bluetooth connectivity, onboard speakers, lights, and weight. Why? Because flair is fun and carrying heavy things is not. The T6 received above-average marks in this metric, the details of which are available below.

This model has a built-in speaker that didn't sound half bad, so you can bump tunes as you ride. This model is available in three colors: desert camo, matte black, and pink camo. Clocking in at nearly 12 mph, this model is among the fastest boards in the class. Truth be told, few testers wanted to go any faster on a hoverboard!

Unfortunately, the larger wheels and large motors make this one of the heaviest boards in the review.

Unfortunately, the large size on this product make it incompatible with third party skins and carrying cases. Additionally, the wider wheelbase puts the T6 it at a serious disadvantage compared to models like the T1 when maneuvering in close quarters. This board just isn't as agile as the smaller boards and this cost the T6 a bit in the fun factor department. However, if you can get past the wider turn radius, it's great fun to ride.

Roads? You don't need roads with the T6.
Roads? You don't need roads with the T6.

Outdoor Capabilities

The Outdoor Capabilities metric is responsible for 20% of the total score of each board. This testing metric consists of riding and evaluating each model in a variety of off-pavement terrain types such as sand, dirt, grass, and steep slopes. Additionally, we evaluated how each board handled surface inconsistencies such as cracks and heaves in the pavement, as well as standard double door thresholds. The T6 delivered a great performance earning it a spot at the front of the class.

The Swagtron T6 did very well in our incline test, both ascending and descending 750 vertical feet along a 14% grade with ease. This model performed much like the other off-road models in the class, such as the Epikgo Premier, Halo Rover, or Epikgo Classic, and was only exceeded by the Segway Ninebot S.

Even the steepest hills were no match for the T6.
Even the steepest hills were no match for the T6.

The performance of the T6 dropped slightly when it came to driving over short grass, with the other off-road models crossing the section of lawn with less difficulty. However, the T6 excelled at traversing dirt and sand. Additionally, the T6 delivered an awesome performance when rolling over cracked and bumpy roads, though it once again was slightly outdone by the Segway.

The large wheels made clearing small obstacles a breeze.
The large wheels made clearing small obstacles a breeze.

The T6 also did very well at crossing thresholds, though it was surpassed by the models with wheels larger than its own such as the Skque X1L10 and the Segway.


The Support metric also comprised 20% of the total score. While inobvious, this metric is particularly important for hoverboards. We have found that these products are somewhat prone to breaking or developing strange electrical issues that we haven't encountered with the other electric vehicles. Thus, having a reliable customer support contact can make all the difference between a quick fix and frustrating troubleshooting. Like all models made by Swagtron, the T6 delivered the goods.

To test for quality support we compared the response times and methods for contacting each manufacturer, as well as how helpful their response was in troubleshooting our technical questions. We also evaluated the warranty included with each board. Finally, we assessed how well each board held up to our demanding testing process. We usually don't evaluate long term durability in our reviews. However, our thinking here is that a more durable board will need less customer support services.

The T6 includes a 1-year limited warranty — longer than most models in the class. There are several ways to contact Swagtron, including phone, email, and a variety of social media platforms. The support staff that responded to our email inquiry was prompt and reasonably helpful. Finally, the T6 held up very well to our testing process, sustaining superficial scrapes and scuffs.


The Battery metric makes up 10% of the total score. However, it can be argued that this is the most important metric in the review. Unlike other electric vehicles such as scooters and bikes, one can't ride a dead hoverboard. As a result, having a long-lasting, quick charging battery is paramount. To evaluate battery quality we conducted three separate tests: runtime, range, and charging time. The Swagtron T6 is second to none in this category.

At 12 miles, the T6 has the longest range in the class. In fact, no other model comes close. The T6 continued its stellar performance in the runtime test. Unlike the range test — which is a continual looping of a flat, smooth tarmac track — the run time test is conducted in our obstacle course. Thus, the board is required to corner, change directions, spin, and perform rapid back and forth maneuvers that place an increased demand on the power source. The T6 kept up the fight in the obstacle course for 2 hours. Finally, the T6 finished strong in the charging analysis by going from a completely dead battery to a full one in 2 hours and 20 minutes.


While we don't classify the T6 as a budget board, it certainly offers a lot of performance per dollar spent. Accordingly, we find that this board offers consumers a significant value.


The T6 is a standout in the hoverboard market. It's swift, stable, and comfortable to ride — making it one of the few models that we would consider as a viable transport option. The large pneumatic tires allow riders to venture off-road without a second thought. And, the quality customer support helps ensure that you won't be on your own if you do get into any trouble. This board is a great choice for someone who wants to go fast while retaining agility on all surfaces.

Nick Miley, David Wise and Austin Palmer