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Becca Glades

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Becca Glades is from a quiet mountain town in New Mexico and eventually found herself living in Colorado, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Since then, Becca has worked as a Respiratory Therapist in the ICU for several years — many of which were spent amidst a pandemic. As a respiratory therapist, Becca learned to use highly technical medical devices. After discovering a newly found passion for technology, she continued her education at MIT in Robotics and Software Engineering.

As someone with a curious and analytical mind, Becca enjoys tinkering and conducting experiments at home, such as comparing water samples in her bathroom from her kitchen. She spends much of her free time brushing up on the latest in AI, robotics, and neurobiology and spends the rest of it in the outdoors, photographing animals and dramatic landscapes. As someone who has long loved photography, Becca was gifted her first DSLR camera on her 14th birthday. Since then, her passion for photography has grown immensely. When she isn't photographing a herd of Elk or coding her latest project, she enjoys hiking, camping, rock climbing, skiing, paddle boarding, and competing in triathlons.