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The 4 Best Drill Brushes of 2023

We tested put a variety of different drill brush sets to head to head testing to determine the best products
Best Drill Brush of 2023
This Jusoney Set is the only to buck the color convention. The orange brushes are stiff. Black and white brushes are the same as black and white brushes from other companies.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

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By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 14, 2023

Looking for a thorough and powerful clean? We researched over a dozen of the best drill bush options available today before choosing 7 to test side-by-side. We found the dirtiest crevices and cracks to clean, buffing out the kitchen, bathroom, and garage surfaces. We even took each tool to the dirtiest of outdoor gear, cleaning bike spokes and parts. While cleaning, we assess the functionality and performance of each, finding nuanced uses and best performers for specific categories. After hours of literally scrubbing the surfaces around our home, we offer our recommendations to help you in your future purchases. Our best tools list is rather handy, as well.

Our best drill review may be of some interest, and we've also tested a wide variety of other tools for your home projects.


Best Overall Drill Brush Set

JUSONEY 23-Piece Brush Attachment Set

Number of Parts: 23 | Extension/Quick Change Included: Yes
Nearly comprehensive
Each component is indistinguishable from other brands
No medium stiffness brushes

The best product we tested is, not coincidentally, the largest set we tested. The Jusoney 23 Piece Set is a versatile, diverse collection of brushes and drill-mounted scrubbing tools that work well for a wide variety of tasks around the home and the garage. There are brushes of different shapes, sizes, and textures for light and heavy tasks. There are also fibrous and sponge scrubber attachments that affix with hook and loop ("velcro") to a dedicated scrubbing round. If you can't scrub it with a large set like the Jusoney, you can't scrub it at all.

Our main complaint about the Jusoney set is that it lacks medium-stiffness brushes. The orange brushes included are most similar to red brushes from other manufacturers. Additionally, the brushes are at either end of the stiffness spectrum but omit medium options of any color. (Medium texture models come in different colors to avoid potential "cross-contamination" through cleaning tasks). Mid-stiff brushes are best for indoor hard surfaces, such as those found in a bathroom or kitchen. This set is optimized for carpet on one end of the spectrum and soiled, sturdy outside surfaces on the other. While we wish there were mid-stiffness brushes of at least one color, the Jusoney set is still our top recommendation.

best overall drill brush set
One of the brushes included with this set is small, black, and tuned for the most robust of tasks, like scrubbing baked-on crud from the inside of an oven.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Best Bang for the Buck

Drill Brush 360 Attachment Kit

Number of Parts: 3 | Extension/Quick Change Included: No
Blue color coding makes sense for water sports
A sturdy set of brushes
Small set
Limited function

The tested blue version of the Drill Brush 360 Attachment Kit is optimized and pitched for use on your water sports equipment. The texture is medium in stiffness, which works well on plastic and fiberglass. The blue color is intuitively associated with water and water sports. The brush texture itself is indiscernible from the medium stiffness of other colors from other manufacturers. We couldn't discern a difference, and manufacturers do not claim a difference between medium stiffness brushes of different colors. Colors are differentiated to avoid potential cross-contamination from one use to the next.

This is the smallest set of brushes we tested. There are just three different shapes, and the Drill Brush 360 set does not include an extension/quick-change function. Other sets and manufacturers include a standard, long 1/4 inch drive bit extender. The overall function suffers just a little for this simplicity, but we could reach pretty much all the surfaces we wanted to clean. As a result, it's a favorite for water sports equipment as you can get into any crevice in that context easily enough.

drill brush - best bang for the buck
This high scorer is tuned and marked for use on water sports equipment and outside fixtures like hot tubs and swimming pools.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Best for All-Around Versatile Use

The Ultimate Drill Brush

Number of Parts: 6 | Extension/Quick Change Included: No
Variety of stiffnesses
Variety of shapes
No non-brush scrubbers
No extension or quick-change adapter

This six-piece set from The Ultimate Drill Brush is versatile, compact, and affordable. Each component is robust and of high quality. The six pieces represent different textures/stiffnesses and different shapes. For most casual household use, you will find some version of what you need in this set. That it's all available at a reasonable price only sweetens the deal. This is a solid, basic set of drill brushes.

For professional level or extended use, this set is limited. Because each piece varies in both shape and texture, you may not find the shape you want in the texture you need. Further, Drill Brush Inc. doesn't include an extension or fast-change adapter with this set. Most of the other high-scoring products have this in the package, and it gives you more options for changing shapes mid-task and getting into hard-to-reach corners. Any standard 1/4 inch drive bit extender will do the job, but we wish it were included with this set.

drill brush - best for all-around versatile use
The Drill Brush brand set has a great variety of textures and shapes. We only wish it had an extender/adapter.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Best Soft and Gentle Applications

Hiware 4-Piece Drill Brush

Number of Parts: 4 | Extension/Quick Change Included: Yes
Different shapes of the softest brush texture
Included extension
No other texture options

The Hiware 4-Piece Drill Brush is good for even more than the model name suggests. Many, of course, will purchase it for automotive use. However, the brush textures are also suitable for carpets and upholstery inside your house. These white brushes are the softest available on the market. The three different shapes give you enough options to reach whatever corners you need to reach. We had great luck scrubbing stains from the carpet and buffing shinier surfaces with no damage to either.

The Hiware 4-Piece is not the most versatile option we tested. Other colors are stiffer and, therefore, more suitable for challenging tasks on robust surfaces. If you want a drill brush set for all-around home and shop use, go with a bigger and more versatile kit. For extensive scrubbing of sensitive and more delicate materials, the Hiware Car Kit is our top recommendation.

drill brush - best soft and gentle applications
The gentle bristles of the Hiware four piece set are well suited to carpets and automotive interior usage.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Excellent Home and Bathroom Use

Drill Brush 4-Piece Nylon Power Brush Tile Cleaner

Number of Parts: 4 | Extension/Quick Change Included: No
Only one brush texture

The Drill Brush 4-Piece Nylon Power Brush Tile Cleaner kit is just like it sounds. Four different-shaped brushes attach to your power drill for cleaning surfaces in your bathroom. The brushes in this kit have bristles of medium stiffness. This texture is tuned for various surfaces, including those in your kitchen, bathroom, and on many water sports equipment. Drill-mounted brush manufacturers have decided (unanimously, as best we can tell) on a color convention to differentiate medium-bristled brushes. Basically, they each make medium stiffness brushes in the same three different colors. The different colors allow you to have multiple medium stiffness brushes for different tasks without risking cross-contamination. Yellow is pitched as suitable for bathroom tasks. Yellow isn't fundamentally different from the other medium-stiffness colors.

Our small, informal market survey found that most users will first try a drill brush for cleaning their bathrooms. Therefore, yellow is often the first choice. If you desire more versatility from your drill brushes, you'll find this kit is underwhelming. Larger, more expensive sets have a wider variety of textures and shapes. Though, if you're simply seeking a set that'll do the best for bathroom surfaces without getting your hands as tired or dirty as typical scrubbing, this is the one to take a gander at.

drill brush - the yellow, medium stiffness brushes of this award winner can be...
The yellow, medium stiffness brushes of this award winner can be dedicated to bathroom cleaning. Tub scrubbing is a fast task with this sort of cleaning tool.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Nearly Comprehensive Set of Drill-Mounted Brushes

Holikme 22-Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set

Number of Parts: 22 | Extension/Quick Change Included: Yes
Large set
Good variety of shapes
Stiff or blue brushes are not present

The Holikme 22-Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set is relatively comprehensive at a reasonable price. They include four of six possible colors, three of four possible brush textures, and all four different shapes that we know of. Further, this set includes a reasonably comprehensive set of abrasive scrubbing pads. All these options should cover your various scrubbing and brushing needs.

The Holikme 22-piece Set is pretty expensive and doesn't include the stiffest brush texture in any shape. As a result, we had a hard time scrubbing out some of the toughest "stuff" that you might see on the surface. If you're simply seeking various abrasive pads, this set may work. The stiffest brush texture is more useful than you might think. In all our testing, we tried all the different stiffnesses on a variety of surfaces. Despite what you might think, drill brushes aren't particularly damaging. Even when using stiff brushes on more delicate surfaces, we observed no damage. What we did notice, though, is that stiffer brushes do their work faster and with less pushing input from the cleaner.

drill brush - the holikme 15 piece set includes this sturdy, large red attachment...
The Holikme 15 piece set includes this sturdy, large red attachment for use on sturdy, outside surfaces.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Home and Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Holikme 4-Pack Power Scrubber Brush

Number of Parts: 4 | Extension/Quick Change Included: Yes
Sturdy brushes
Included extension
One texture

We tested the Holikme 4-Pack Power Scrubber Brush and found it to be functional and simple. It features medium texture bristles in yellow color and has a total of four parts. It has three brushes and one extension/quick-change adapter. It is robust, sturdy, and tuned for your bathroom cleaning needs.

While we found the Holikme to be a functional set, it simply doesn't have the variety we prefer in the number of brush heads. The brushes also come in one texture, which limits their versatility. While you can easily use it on a kitchen surface (as well as in the bathroom), you might want to color-code your brushes to avoid cross-contamination. If you're seeking a pared-down cleaning set for the bathroom, this simple option is a decent choice.

drill brush - the holikme 4-pack is also branded with "dr brush". we found its...
The Holikme 4-pack is also branded with "Dr Brush". We found its performance solid and in line with other similar offerings from other companies.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

Why You Should Trust Us

Our testing included using each set in its intended application. Actual "real world" testing is the best way to see if a product lives up to its intended uses. To do this, we ordered each product at full cost and used each to clean a variety of surfaces, from bathroom surfaces to kitchen sinks to outdoor equipment. We measured and counted each set's components and researched the entire field to make deductions and observations that complement our in-use findings.

Our test team was led by an all-around handy person and long-time tester Jed Porter. Jed started with us as a mountain guide to test outdoor equipment. He still guides, but his professional and personal life has grown with us. He is now a homeowner, camper renovator, landlord, and Airbnb Superhost with a 5-star cleanliness rating. He knows home care and knows how to secure further consult in that category. Had he had access to a set of drill brushes at the apex of his AirBnb hosting side hustle, he might have achieved that 5-star level clean in a fraction of the time.

This set has medium stiffness bristles suitable for all sorts of...
This set has medium stiffness bristles suitable for all sorts of household surfaces but is color-coded to use in your bathroom.
For cleaning up during construction and renovation products these...
For cleaning up during construction and renovation products these drill brushes speed up the process and make your cleaning even more thorough
Much of our testing was in "real world" applications to simulate...
Much of our testing was in "real world" applications to simulate your eventual use.

Analysis and Test Results

We chose a wide variety of drill-mounted brushes to see which ones perform the best throughout a series of side-by-side tests. After using each while cleaning rentals and our homes, we rated each comparatively across a few metrics. This includes versatility, sturdiness, and ease of changing parts.


Drill-mounted brush sets can do any of several scrubbing tasks. Almost any scrubbing is more effective when the brush is attached to a power drill. The primary differences between individual options are shape and bristle stiffness. All manufacturers make brushes in four different stiffnesses. Different shapes include three different sizes of cylindrical brushes and two different sizes of hybrid cylinder/hemispherical brushes. None of the sets we tested had all the possible combinations.

drill brush - drill brush brand products come with this explanatory card. all the...
Drill Brush brand products come with this explanatory card. All the others have a similar color coding convention.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

Each is tailored to either a particular intended usage or a range of uses. The largest sets in our review have the most versatility. The Jusoney 23 Piece Set features maximum versatility. It isn't perfect, but it does have the most options in the review. Not far behind is the Holikme 22 Piece. Special mention must be made of the carefully curated Drill Brush Attachment Set.

drill brush - this 15 piece set does a variety of tasks in an effective fashion.
This 15 piece set does a variety of tasks in an effective fashion.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

Further versatility is accomplished by including pad-mounted abrasive scrubbers. These are sturdier versions of your kitchen sink dish scrubby attached with hook-and-loop ("Velcro") to a spinning, flattened cylinder. Not all sets have such scrubbies.

Allow us to demystify some confusion surrounding color conventions and bristle stiffness. All of the manufacturers make different colors of medium stiffness brushes. Blue, yellow, and green brushes are all medium stiffness. In use, each performs the same. The brushes are colored differently to reduce the potential for cross-contamination. If you have medium brushes for the bathroom and kitchen, you might not want them to be used in the wrong place. Use yellow in the bathroom and green in the kitchen. Blue is recommended for water sports and hot tubs. You can, of course, use whatever color wherever you want.


All of the brush kits we tested held up very well. In fact, this is a good time and place to point out that, to the best of our knowledge, these brushes have more in common than they are different. Brushes of the same shape and color are virtually indistinguishable from one another, regardless of the manufacturer. It is entirely possible that all are made in the same molds or the same factory. Drill Brush brand brushes have stickers with that brand noted and some raised embossing molded into the brushes themselves. None of the others have any markings on the products themselves. All non Drill Brush brand brushes look identical to one another. Even this brand of products, aside from the stickers and embossing, appears identical to the others.

drill brush - white brushes are tailored for carpet and upholstery. the bristles...
White brushes are tailored for carpet and upholstery. The bristles are relatively soft, but still hold up to the significant forces involved in drill-powered scrubbing.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

In use, we found similar individual components to be seemingly identical. We could not distinguish between them. The result is that all the products are quite sturdy and durable, with no discernible differences in this regard. Even the branding is confusing. We tested all the different brands we could find, but we still got some overlap. The Jusoney, Drill Brush, Holikme 4-Pack, and Drill Brush 360 are all very similar.

Ease of Changing Parts

All the tested components are built around a "standard" 1/4" drive bit format. Cordless drivers just require seating the brush into the bit driver. All adjustable chuck drills will hold these brushes too. Some of them include a dedicated extension that also serves as a quick-change adapter. This dedicated extension could be purchased aftermarket, but it is nice when it is included with the set. The Jusoney 23 Piece Set, both Holikme products, and the Hiware 4 Piece Set include extension/quick-change adapters.

drill brush - the long, non-brushed component here is an adapter/extender that...
The long, non-brushed component here is an adapter/extender that enables greater reach and quick, tool-free changes of the brushes.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


We reviewed and compared a sampling of the best drill-mounted scrubbing sets on the market. Individual components across brands are quite similar to one another (if not the same), but different sets have different functions and appeals. We hope that our comparison and advice will help you choose the best product for your purposes.

Jediah Porter

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