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The 5 Best Pot Holders

We tested pot holders from Pratico, All-Clad, Maison d' Hermine, Amazon Basics, and more to find the best and most protective for your cooking needs
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Best Pot Holders Review
Credit: Laura Casner

Our Top Picks

By Nick Miley ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 8, 2023

The Best Pot Holders

If you want the best pot holders, look no further — our culinary experts researched and purchased 8 of the top models for side-by-side testing. While all of these products will keep your hands protected, our evaluation illustrates that there are big differences in insulation, quality of constriction, and versatility. We scorched stovetop pans, grabbed trays from the back of ovens, and even developed a “hot hands” test to highlight the best and worst of each of these pot holders. So, whether you're looking for a silicone cover for the handle of your favorite cast iron, or a pad that doubles as a hot plate coaster, our experts offer product-specific advice to help you pick the right pot holder for your needs.

Having the right kitchen tool for the job makes cooking more enjoyable and more efficient. Our culinary experts have tested a huge variety of products to enhance your kitchen. From cookware like the best roasting pans and the best cast iron skillets to the best air fryers and the best pizza ovens, our in-depth reviews will help you pick the right product the first time, so you can get back to the joy of cooking.


Best Overall Pot Holder

Pratico PratiPad Plus

Insulation Duration (500º F): 12 seconds | Dimensions (inches): 7" x 7"
Easy to rinse clean
Honeycomb texture holds food bits

The silicone Pratico PratiPad Plus might just be the perfect pot holder. It offers ample insulation, gripping sensitivity, and plenty of useful surface area. It's easy to clean, doesn't seem to hold stains, and the honeycomb texture provides excellent grip. The silicone material easily doubles as a jar opener or a trivet for a hot dish. What's not to like?

We put the Pratico PratiPad Plus through the wringer in our evaluation, even attempting to pull the silicone material apart to see if it would rip or tear, but it didn't give. The only minor issue is that food can tend to get stuck on its surface due to the multitude of little pockets. Even still, we rubbed all kinds of food all over the honeycomb exterior and were able to rinse it clean with no difficulty at all.

pot holders - a good holder easily conforms to the shape of the cookware while...
A good holder easily conforms to the shape of the cookware while providing long-lasting insulation fro the heat.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Single Pot Holder

All-Clad Textile Silicone Pot Holder

Insulation Duration (500º F): 20 seconds | Dimensions (inches): 10 ¾" x 6"
Holds stains
Less versatile

The All-Clad Textile Silicone Pot Holder is a sharp-looking, effective product. Its hourglass shape and silicone ribs make it effortless to use one-handed and easy to grip even the smallest pie dish ears. The holder has more than adequate insulation and heavy stitching that speaks to its durability.

Though this is certainly a capable mitt, it is limited in that there isn't a matching holder for more demanding hot work. You'll have to purchase an additional one if you want a set. Also, the holder's cotton fabric will eventually show stains and may require cleaning or laundering. Despite these minor gripes, we think this is a quality product that looks good enough to hang from your stove or fridge.

pot holders - the silicone strips on this holder provide surprisingly good...
The silicone strips on this holder provide surprisingly good purchase as well as high-heat protection.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Hot Handle Holder

Amazon Basics Silicone Hot Skillet Handle Cover

Insulation Duration (500º F): 38 seconds | Dimensions (inches): 5 ¾" x 2"
Imperfect fit

The Amazon Basics Silicone Hot Skillet Handle Cover has plenty of insulation and lasted over 30 seconds in our insulation testing. The insulation was so effective that it outlasted our muscles; we had difficulty holding the heavy, 6-pound cast iron pan long enough for the heat to seep through. Despite this product's incredibly low price, it is not cheaply constructed. Its ⅛-inch thick silicone construction means it should hold up to the use and abuse of a busy kitchen. Additionally, the silicone is oven-safe up to 475º F for recipes with stove-to-oven finishes.

Our only complaint about this mitt is its generic shape didn't fit the handles of our pans very well. The result is space at the end of the sleeve and the flare of the holder not quite meeting the rim of the pan. Fit aside, this product is effective, and multiple color options will bring some flair to your stovetop.

pot holders - despite a slightly loose fit on this 11" cast iron handle, this hot...
Despite a slightly loose fit on this 11" cast iron handle, this hot handle holder offers prolonged protection and is oven-safe, too.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Heavy Cast Iron

Crucible Cookware Silicone Hot Handle 2-Pack Mix

Insulation Duration (500º F): 10 seconds | Dimensions (inches): 5 ¾" x 1 ⅞" (handle)
Two-handed protection
Fits most handle sizes
Not oven-safe
Relatively thin silicone

We frequently hear from older cooks that they gave up on cast iron cookware because it's just too heavy. The Crucible Cookware Silicone Hot Handle sleeves go a long way towards mitigating the burden of heavy cookware. Having the dependable grip of silicone on both the handle and tab of a combo cooker is helpful for all users, even the brawny baker. Additionally, using two hands effectively doubles the insulation duration — a definite plus given this model's moderate thickness.

Compared to the other hot handle holders we tested, the Crucible Cookware is a bit lower quality. It is thin and only offers about half the insulation of other silicone models. Additionally, it is not rated for use in the oven, meaning that if you're popping a pan in the range to finish off a dish, you'll have to make the awkward move of removing the sleeves before closing the oven door. That said, we think that this tool has its place in the right kitchen as sometimes one hand just isn't enough.

pot holders - you can't beat two-handed lifting with heavy cookware. here the...
You can't beat two-handed lifting with heavy cookware. Here the combo cooker's handle and tab are covered with silicone for easy moving of demanding loads.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Protection With Hand Pockets

Maison d' Hermine Double Oven Mitt

Insulation Duration (500º F): 10 seconds | Dimensions (inches): 34 ¼" x 7 ⅛"
Good for deep ovens
Easy to hang
A bit bulky

The Maison d' Hermine Double Oven Mitt offers users superb hand and forearm protection. This model is easy to hang over a cupboard door or on an oven handle. The construction is high quality and the insulation is more than adequate. We also appreciate that this particular style of pot holder has pockets for the hands to slide into, making it easy to grab cookware while providing complete protection to vulnerable skin.

On the flip side, these holders are large when compared to other models. As a result, if you're using just one hand, the extra material can get in the way. The loose material combined with all-cotton construction increases the likelihood of permanent stains. Concerns aside, we were impressed with the effectiveness of this design when using both hands, as well as the sturdy construction of the product.

pot holders - when maximum coverage of the hands and forearms is needed, you can't...
When maximum coverage of the hands and forearms is needed, you can't do better than deep double pockets and thick cotton insulation.
Credit: Laura Casner


An Effective Design With a Classic Look

Lodge Striped Hot Handle Holders

Insulation Duration (500º F): 6 seconds | Dimensions (inches): 6 ¼" x 3"
Solid construction
So-so insulation
Not oven-safe

Though the Lodge Striped Hot Handle Holders don't provide the best insulation, they fit many handle styles and include thoughtful details like hanging loops. This well-constructed model comes in a two-pack, and the holders are washing machine safe, so you'll always have a clean one when you need it.

These holders are relatively thin, have a loose fit, and are made entirely of cotton, which is concerning. The cotton construction means they are prone to staining and can't go in the oven. The loose fit means they can feel lumpy in hand and easily slide on and off. Overall, we think these handle sleeves will fit the needs of many cooks and look nice as well.

pot holders - the striped hot handle sleeve is best suited to lower heat stovetop...
The striped hot handle sleeve is best suited to lower heat stovetop applications like frying bacon.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Quality Single Holder With Pocket

OXO Silicone Pot Holder

Insulation Duration (500º F): 14 seconds | Dimensions (inches): 9 ⅜" x 7 ½"
Good craftsmanship
Single hand protection
White terry cloth interior

The OXO Silicone Pot Holder is a simple and effective holder and is one of the few models we reviewed with a hand pocket. This feature, combined with the silicone exterior, makes sliding the holder on one-handed a breeze. The silicone stripes make for a secure grip, even on smooth Pyrex cookware. As we've come to expect from OXO, the construction is top-notch, as evidenced by the heavy stitching and robust hook loop.

The main problem we see with this model is the white terry cloth insulation inside the pocket. Kitchens can be messy places. As such, we prefer colors that don't easily show stains. Additionally, this model is sold as a single holder, making it more limiting than products sold in a pair or a set. Despite these limitations, this is a quality holder that will fit in nicely in most kitchens.

pot holders - the pocket back offers users secure gripping, even on the thinnest...
The pocket back offers users secure gripping, even on the thinnest of surfaces.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Fit for Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge Silicone Handle Holder

Insulation Duration (500º F): 17 seconds | Dimensions (inches): 5 ⅛" x 2"
Handle-specific design
Color options
Not oven-safe
Relatively thin silicone

What sets the Lodge Silicone Handle Holder apart from other hot handle holders is that it is fit to a specific set of pans from the same manufacturer — the keyhole-style handles on Lodge pans 9 inches and larger. When matched to the appropriate handle, the fit is the best we've seen with any of these products. Additionally, it comes in a cornucopia of colors to add a little flair to your kitchen.

Though this model is designed for Lodge specifically, it also works well with other pan handles. The knock against this tool is that it's a bit more expensive and a little less insulated than the competition, and it isn't oven-safe. Still, if you're looking for a snug fit for your Lodge keyhole handle, you'll be glad that you went with the Lodge Silicone Handle Holder.

pot holders - what's the main advantage of matching the hot handle holder and pan...
What's the main advantage of matching the hot handle holder and pan brands? A fit like a glove!
Credit: Laura Casner

Why Trust GearLab

This review began with an exhaustive investigation of the pot holder market and what distinguishes this type of heat protection equipment from oven mitts and gloves. We analyzed over 100 products and pored through consumer comments. After much consideration, we culled the candidates down to eight products, purchasing them for in-house testing. Our team then designed and executed basic but revealing tests primed by our knowledge of the safety issues specific to culinary hot work.

Sometimes those pyrex pot ears are hard to get a solid grip on. A...
Sometimes those pyrex pot ears are hard to get a solid grip on. A good holder will offer sensitivity and slip-free protection.
Easy access is a key feature for hot holders. We looked at hook...
Easy access is a key feature for hot holders. We looked at hook loops and one-handed donning in our convenience evaluation.
Not all products made the cut. Here is a holder that was excluded...
Not all products made the cut. Here is a holder that was excluded from our review due to its want for insulation.

Our research team consists of professional baker, barista, and café manager Michelle Powell and obsessive home baker and cast iron crusader Nick Miley. This duo has over 30 years of culinary experience. Whether it's baking quiche for a lazy Sunday brunch or hustling in an artisanal bakery for the weekend rush, these two are extremely familiar with kitchen hot work.

Analysis and Test Results

Our analysis is broken down into five metrics that collectively define a quality pot holder. Namely, these are insulation, construction/durability, and convenience/ versatility. The details of these evaluations and the top-performing products are discussed in detail below.


Insulation is an evaluation of the heat protection provided by each product. The Amazon Basics silicone handle holder is by far the best heat shield in the class. We know this to be the case because we heated an 11-inch, 6-pound cast iron pan to 500º F then grabbed the handle with each holder. We timed how long we could keep the pan elevated before the heat bled through enough to be uncomfortable — approximately 130º F.

pot holders - what became known as the hot hands test was a timed evaluation of...
What became known as the hot hands test was a timed evaluation of the duration of insulation when the pan was heated to 500 degrees.
Credit: Nick Miley

The Amazon Basics holder allowed us to grip the cast iron for 38 seconds, long enough that the heavy pan became difficult to keep elevated. For some context, the next closest competitor is the All-Clad holder at 20 seconds. Following on its heels is the Lodge silicone hot handle holder at 17 seconds.

pot holders - if a holder scored well on the hot hands evaluation then the common...
If a holder scored well on the hot hands evaluation then the common hot work was a walk in the park.
Credit: Nicholas Miley

The remaining models all came in around 10 seconds. The exception is the Lodge Striped hot handle holder, which only managed to protect the user for 6 seconds. In the Lodge Striped's defense, this is more than enough insulation for stovetop applications where you are not bearing the full weight of the pan. In contrast, products like the Amazon Basics and the All-Clad are suited for high-heat baking and broiling applications.


Convenience is an umbrella term that describes our assessment of the versatility and ease of use of each holder. Without question, the PratiPad Plus leads the pack in this metric, and for good reason. It can be used in multiple ways — as a hot plate coaster, a hot handle holder, or as a pair for grabbing pie and casserole dishes. The PratiPad's all-silicone construction is grippy, and at seven inches on a side, will cover even the largest hands. Additionally, the silicone is practically stain-proof; cleaning is as easy as spraying them down in the sink and hanging them to dry.

pot holders - an easy grip for stirring hot foods was just one of the many aspects...
An easy grip for stirring hot foods was just one of the many aspects of convenience that we delved into in our evaluation.
Credit: Nicholas Miley

The Maison d' Hermine double holder is the next best performer with a different style. This scarf-like model offers pockets on either end for the hands, thus improving dexterity and grip. They are easy to get on and offer plenty of protection for those working with large and heavy cookware.

pot holders - you just can't beat the coverage of the maison 'd hermine for deep...
You just can't beat the coverage of the Maison 'd Hermine for deep reaches into a hot oven.
Credit: nick miley

Of course, the single-holder models — and to a greater degree, the hot handle holders — offer the least amount of versatility. However, both the All-Clad and the OXO have good grip, and the latter provides users with a hand pocket for improved hand movement. Of the hot handle holders, the Crucible tab and handle set provides users with the greatest holding options.


Usually, we do not comment on the durability of products as we do not have data covering the months or years that are needed to make an accurate assessment. However, we observed enough shoddy construction and failure during our test period that we decided to create a separate metric for our findings. Once again, the Pratico PratiPad Plus proved to be a boss with its simple but near-indestructible design. The All-Clad also made a solid showing, which says a lot because they are much more complicated to manufacture than the PratiPad.

pot holders - getting down to the nitty-gritty of construction quality. here we...
Getting down to the nitty-gritty of construction quality. Here we turned a product inside-out to inspect the craftsmanship.
Credit: Nicholas Miley

When we assess the manufacturing quality, we take a methodical look at all the stitching, turning the holder inside out if necessary. We perform a knuckle roll test where the seams appear weak, and of course, we use the heck out of them in the course of our testing. If possible, we test any specific marketing claims — for example, the Amazon Basics claims it is oven-safe up to 475º F. In this particular case, the otherwise bomber silicone holder began to smoke, leaving us to conclude that this is only a safety feature and not an intended use.

It should be noted that several products that we tested were found to be too low-quality to warrant a review, so we excluded them. With that in mind, you can rest assured that all the remaining products reviewed here are of decent quality.

pot holders - two award-winning holders that offer superior construction and...
Two award-winning holders that offer superior construction and durability.
Credit: Nicholas Miley


Our review covers the best pot holders for both specific tasks as well as general use. We evaluated each model for its insulation, convenience, and construction. Collectively, these assessments and tests address every aspect of these products that make for a quality pot holder. With the information provided, you have all the details needed to make the right decision on the best holder for your kitchen needs. Bon Appétit.

Nick Miley