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Top Pick Award
Can make cafe-quality drinks at home with reasonable ease, but requires a bit of a financial investment
Editors' Choice Award
A cafe-quality machine that manages to still be friendly towards beginner baristas
Editors' Choice Award
If you don't mind a little learning curve and elbow grease, this is the best espresso you can make at home
One of the smallest machines we've found that can achieve cafe quality results
Top Pick Award
An excellent choice for those trying to recreate cafe drinks at home, especially if you already have an espresso-quality grinder
An excellent machine if your familiar with the process of manual brewing, and already have a high-quality grinder
Top Pick Award
If you value convenience over all else this machine will make a good cappuccino at the push of a button
If you like capsule style machines and want an automatic milk frother this is the machine for you
Decent all around machine, but the price is high for what you get
Makes top notch espresso if you're experienced at manually pulling shots, but this machine may flummox beginners
If your main concern is saving money on cafe drinks in the long run, this is the perfect machine for you
If you already have a good grinder and you find it for below list price, this machine is a decent buy
Best Buy Award
Provides good results for a fraction of the cost of many quality consumer machines
Top Pick Award
Good for those that will pay a bit extra for convenience and would like to be able to make coffee as well
Good espresso and makes a decent cappuccino, but the steam wand will likely disappoint latte lovers
A viable option if you're more concerned with convenience than how your coffee tastes
Great for more remote camping, but other portable models serve car camping and general travel a bit better
Perfect for road trips and car camping excursions if you just can't leave your cappuccino behind
Very bitter taste made this our least favorite machine