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DXRacer Racing Series Review

If you want a great budget chair or want to emulate a racecar driver, then the DXRacer is for you
Best Buy Award
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Price:   $300 List | $299 at Amazon
Pros:  Great value, durable, comfortable
Cons:  Looks aren’t universally appealing
Manufacturer:   DXRacer
By David Wise and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Nov 29, 2018
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#5 of 9
  • Comfort - 50% 7
  • Adjustability - 35% 7
  • Durability - 10% 9
  • Ease of Assembly - 5% 7

Our Verdict

Claiming the Best Buy Award, the DXRacer is our top recommendation for anyone that wants a top-notch chair without spending a ton of cash. Our judges rated this chair as one of the more comfortable models, holding its own with chairs that cost hundreds of dollars more. While the DXRacer might not look at all like a conventional office chair, this piece of office furniture is surprisingly adjustable to match different body types and preferences and quite durable, sustaining almost no degradation throughout the course of our testing. If you are looking for an excellent office chair on a budget, the DXRacer should definitely be under your consideration.

Compare to Similar Products

Our Analysis and Test Results

The DXRacer finished just behind the Steelcase Think and ahead of the Humanscale Diffrient — both of which cost significantly more than the DXRacer, practically double or triple its price. This trio of chairs are all quite similar when it comes to comfort, but the Think and the Humanscale are both just a bit easier to assemble than the DXRacer. However, the DXRacer does have more adjustable features than the Diffrient, giving it the edge overall.

Performance Comparison

To review these products and see which of these office chairs are truly outstanding, we evaluated an enormous selection of different chairs, then bought the ones that showed the most potential and compared their performance head-to-head. We split our testing process into four weighted rating metrics, with the DXRacer's results described below.


Our most significant metric — and the one that comes to mind immediately when thinking of these products — is our set of comfort assessments, which constitute 50% of the final score for each of these chairs. Our diverse panel of judges rated and scored how comfortable the backrest, armrests, and seat of each chair is, as well as how many hours they could routinely sit in each seat before they became unduly uncomfortable. The DXRacer received overall great marks from our judges across the board, earning it a 7 out of 10 for this metric.

Starting off with how comfortable its seat is, most of our judges gave very high marks to the DXRacer, rating it as first or second overall. However, two members of our panel weren't as fond of the seat of this chair, ranking it much more in the middle of the group. The seat is definitely a bit on the firmer side when it comes to the cushion, but still provides plenty of padding when sitting in the chair for long periods of time. The backrest of this chair was a bit more universally received, with only a single judge failing to rate it as the first or second most comfortable out of the entire group. The backrest on this chair goes up very high, essentially doubling as a headrest.

The lumbar support is also quite aggressive on this chair, with a more severe curvature than some of the other models, so this chair can be a bit uncomfortable if your spine has a more subdued S-curve. We also noticed that it can get a bit sweaty sitting in this chair, especially where the lumbar pad is, making it slightly less comfortable for those in hotter climates.

It was a similar story when it came to the armrests on this chair, with only a single judge scoring them in the middle of the group, rather than at the top. These high marks across the board meant that most testers would be more than happy to sit in this chair for 8-10 hours a day, with a few being alright with 12+. Even the judge least enthusiastic about this chair found it to be more than suitable for 4-6 hours of sitting.


Following our comfort evaluations, the adjustability of each office chair is next most important, accounting for 35% of the total score. We looked at how many different ways you could adjust and the range of motion of the armrest, backrest, and seat of each chair, as well as the reclining tension adjustment and the ease at attaining a proper ergonomic sitting position to determine the overall score. The DXRacer again did very well, meriting a 7 out of 10 for its excellent adjustability.

The backrest of the DXRacer does have adjustable lumbar support, though it is a bit different compared to some of the other models. This product has a shaped pad that you move up and down or even remove completely. It is very easy to adjust the vertical position, but this chair does offer almost no support at all if you remove it — something to consider if you aren't a fan of aggressive lumbar support.

The armrests are almost fully adjustable, allowing you to move them forward and back, up and down, and swivel them, though you can't adjust how close they are to you. Despite this, the majority of our panel was more than happy with them and rated them all quite high.

The reclining lever is also fairly responsive and it is fairly easy to get this chair into an ergonomic seating position, though the armrests can hit the underside of the desk, depending on the structure of your desk.


For our next group of evaluations, we rated and scored the apparent durability of each office chair. While it is hard to conclusively make claims about the durability after only a few months of testing on a single unit, we also combed through practically every other user review of this chair we could find when determining the scores, looking for commonly encountered issues. We also looked for any damage sustained in the course of our testing. Altogether, these evaluations account for 10% of the total score, with the DXRacer performing quite well, earning a 9 out of 10.

We didn't find any major damage on this chair after testing it for quite a while, though we could see how some of the elastic bits on the neck pillow could start to wear with long-term use. Overall, we found this chair to be solidly built and the manufacturer's lifetime warranty for the frame and 2-year parts warranty reflects that.

Overall, there weren't a huge number of other user reviews for this product, but we didn't find any commonly encountered issues or other problems when we combed through them.

Ease of Assembly

For the remaining 5% of the overall score, we judged each office chair on how long it took us and how hard it was to assemble and unbox, as well as the quality of the included documentation. The DXRacer again delivered a superb performance, earning a 7 out of 10.

This chair does not arrive fully assembled, but it took us less than 15 minutes or so to have it unpacked and build. We did find that a small plastic piece of the armrest arrived damaged, but it appears to be mainly cosmetic and was easily fixed with a small dab of super glue. We also liked that there was thorough documentation with pictures and even QR codes that you could scan and see assembly videos.


All in all, this chair is a great value, matching much more expensive models in terms of comfort and adjustability.


Overall, the DXRacer is one of our favorite chairs when shopping on a more restricted budget, earning it the Best Buy Award. This chair is by far the best you can get in its price range, though it might not be the right look for you. However, we highly recommend this chair if you are looking for a top-notch office chair without breaking the bank and don't mind the racecar driver aesthetic.

David Wise and Austin Palmer