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Black+Decker CJ625 Review

This citrus-only juicer doesn't make a ton of pulp, but it is a bit loud and has a lower yield than our favorites
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Black+Decker CJ625 Review
Credit: Jenna Ammerman
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Manufacturer:   BLACK+DECKER
By David Wise and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Jul 10, 2018

Our Verdict

An all-around solid citrus juicer, the CJ625 by Black+Decker is one of our favorite citrus-only models. It has two reamers for large and small citrus fruit and produces little to no pulp. However, it is a bit on the loud side and usually had one of the lower juice yields. It's a very inexpensive option compared to a full-size model and is quite easy to clean.
Low pulp
Different reamers for different sized fruit
Low juice yield

Our Analysis

juicer - the cj625 came second in our tests.
The CJ625 came second in our tests.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Performance Comparison

Since citrus juicers are a relatively simple product with only one main function, these appliances don't quite warrant our typical full review. Instead, we did tons of research, then picked the three most promising citrus juicers to fold into our existing full-size juicer review. We compared the amount of pulp produced and juice yield for each product when tasked with juicing limes, grapefruits, oranges, and lemons, with the results of the Black+Decker shown below.

juicer - some products didn't have a proper sized reamer for limes.
Some products didn't have a proper sized reamer for limes.
Credit: Austin Palmer


For our first test, we assessed the abilities of each product at juicing limes. We set this juicer to its low pulp setting, then juiced 3 small limes on each product. Before measuring the amount of juice produced, we strained out the pulp, even though in the case of the Black+Decker, there hardly was any pulp.

juicer - the black+decker had a decent lime juice yield.
The Black+Decker had a decent lime juice yield.
Credit: Austin Palmer

The Black+Decker yielded between 85 and 90 mL of lime juice — close to the most of the group.


We did a similar procedure for our lemon test, tasking each appliance with juicing 2 average-sized lemons. The Black+Decker again had extremely low amounts of pulp, but this time had the highest yield, producing around 150 mL of strained lemon juice.

juicer - the cj625 had the highest yield of the entire group.
The CJ625 had the highest yield of the entire group.
Credit: Austin Palmer

This was by far the best yield of the products we tested in this category.

juicer - our orange juice test consisted of measuring the juice yield of 3...
Our orange juice test consisted of measuring the juice yield of 3 oranges.
Credit: Austin Palmer


The performance of the Black+Decker dropped a little bit in our orange juice test. While this product does juice oranges in a very similar way to the Proctor Silex, it produces much less pulp, but also has a much lower yield. For this test, we used 3 medium oranges. It generated 425 mL of strained orange juicer, which was a bit less than some of the competition.

juicer - the black+decker cj625 produced hardly any pulp while on the low...
The Black+Decker CJ625 produced hardly any pulp while on the low pulp setting.
Credit: Austin Palmer


For our final juice test, we scored how well each product did with juicing grapefruits, using two large ones for our test. The Black+Decker again did very well, generating almost no pulp when using the low pulp setting, the lowest of the group. It again had the lowest yield, but only by a small amount.

juicer - none of these products are terribly difficult to clean.
None of these products are terribly difficult to clean.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Ease of Cleaning

For our last evaluation, we compared the difficulty in cleaning each of these products. Fortunately, these are all significantly easier to clean than the full-size juicers and all the juicers are dishwasher-safe for the top rack — with the obvious exception of the motorized base. However, we did find that it is much harder to remove the pulp screen on this juicer than it is on either of the other two products.


We think this is a solid citrus juicer that gets the job done and would happily recommend it.

David Wise and Austin Palmer