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Miroco Electric Kettle Review

This single setting kettle has a snappy look and insulation that keeps the exterior cool despite the hot contents
miroco electric kettle
Credit: Miroco
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Price:  $38 List
Manufacturer:   Miroco
By Nick Miley, Michelle Powell and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Mar 5, 2021

Our Verdict

This smart-looking, pitcher-style kettle is a one-setting machine that will quickly bring water to a boil and then shut itself off. The unit boasts a stainless steel interior and thick plastic exterior that keeps the contents of the reservoir hot while keeping the outside surface cool. The Miroco Electric Kettle's 1.5-liter capacity is on the larger end of the class and reasonably priced, making it great for larger families on a budget.
Large opening
Single setting
No temperature holding

Our Analysis and Test Results

On the surface, the Miroco Electric Kettle looks like most pitcher-kettles. What sets it apart is the heavy plastic exterior that insulates the stainless-steel reservoir, both trapping heat in and keeping the exterior cool to the touch. Aside from that, this is an average unit at a reasonable price.

miroco electric kettle - this pitcher-style kettle is simple and affordable while offering...
This pitcher-style kettle is simple and affordable while offering great insulation, decent boiling efficiency, and a timeless design.
Credit: Jason Peters

Boil Time

The Miroco can boil 4 cups of water in 4 minutes and 58 seconds. The boil time test is perhaps the most important portion of our analysis because this is the sole reason that consumers purchase these machines. We begin our test by drawing 4 cups of 57º F water from the faucet and pouring it into the reservoir. We turn the unit on while simultaneously activating a stopwatch. When the water reaches a rolling boil (~202º F at our lab's elevation) we stop the watch and record the time. Given the high elevation of our lab and the correlating low boiling point of water, one can expect a bit longer boil time than we have reported here.


The slow and steady discharge of water from a kettle is important for pour-over coffee extraction. Coffee experts have demonstrated that optimal extraction occurs over a specific period of time based on the amount of grounds being saturated. While gooseneck kettles are designed to manage discharge, the Miroco is a pitcher-style kettle and struggles at the task. The main issue is that it is hard to know when the water will start pouring over the spout. Additionally, the handle creates an unbalanced grip that makes slow and accurate pouring all the more difficult. That said, the unit is not so poorly designed as to produce the dreaded sloshing pour that requires a countertop wipe down with every cup of coffee.

miroco electric kettle - this unit is not the best for making slow and steady pours as it has...
This unit is not the best for making slow and steady pours as it has a wide spout and a handle high on the reservoir.
Credit: Jason Peters

Ease of Use Features

The Miroco is a simple ON/OFF machine that provides little else save automatic shut-off to stop the kettle from boiling off its contents. Additionally, it has minimum and maximum lines marked at 0.5 and 1.5 liters respectively. The lid of the unit is also attached.

miroco electric kettle - this kettle doesn't offer too many bells and whistles. however, it...
This kettle doesn't offer too many bells and whistles. However, it does have an attached lid, a wide opening to the reservoir, and an automatic shut-off.
Credit: Jason Peters


We find the Miroco to be a decent value. While the kettle is quite simple and doesn't have the fastest boil time, it is well made, has great insulation, and is nice looking. Add these characteristics to a competitive price point, and the package sums-up to a pretty good deal.

miroco electric kettle - by our estimation, this kettle offers consumers a tidy deal to be...
By our estimation, this kettle offers consumers a tidy deal to be sure.
Credit: Jason Peters


This review of the Miroco Electric Kettle covers every detail that will be of interest to a consumer. We looked at boil time, pouring performance, design as well as a host of ease of use features. These data, and the structure in which they are presented, make it quick and easy to make direct comparisons to other kettles so that the best product is picked the first time around.

Nick Miley, Michelle Powell and Austin Palmer

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