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COSORI Electric Kettle Review

This kettle's single temperature setting is outweighed by a stellar light show and smooth pouring
COSORI Electric Kettle
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Price:   $40 List | $40 at Amazon
Pros:  Great pitch-style spout, aesthetic design, cool LED lights
Cons:  Poorly balanced, fragile, single temperature setting
Manufacturer:   COSORI
By Nick Miley, Michelle Powell and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Jan 28, 2020
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Our Verdict

If you are looking for a large capacity, visually attractive, easy to pour kettle that won't cost you an arm and a leg, then the COSORI is worth a look. While this model has a bit of glitz supplied by the glass reservoir and LED lights, it is actually a simple machine. It has a single toggle switch that sets the machine to boil, and it automatically shuts off when a boil has been achieved.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The COSORI is unique in the class as it is an all-glass kettle that sports some flair provided by the blue LED lights circling the base of the reservoir. More practically, it's the best pouring machine out of the pitcher-style models. The only knocks against it are its single temperature setting and lack of temperature holding. An additional concern is the fragility of the construction material.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Boil Time

The boil test we employ for our kettle reviews is simple and effective. We begin with four cups of 57° F water and pour it into the unit. We then turn on the kettle at the same time as a stopwatch and wait for the water to reach a rolling boil. To add precision to the boiling point, we include a thermometer. At our lab's elevation, a rolling boil occurs at ~202° F. Clocking in at 4 min, 23 sec, the COSORI's boil time is about average for the class.

Is it a lava lamp? No! It's the COSORI providing a ligh show with...
Is it a lava lamp? No! It's the COSORI providing a ligh show with your hot water.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


How a kettle discharges water from its spout is a critical aspect of its performance — particularly if you're shopping with pour over coffee in mind. What we are looking for in this assessment is a spout that can issue a slow, even stream of water. In general, the pitcher-style kettles do not excel at this task. However, the rolled glass lip of the COSORI's spout makes this model a standout for precision among the pitcher kettles. Unlike the gooseneck models that are the best at slow pours, the COSORI can pour rapidly as well.

The pitcher-style kettles struggle with controlled pouring, but the...
The pitcher-style kettles struggle with controlled pouring, but the COSORI is the best of the bunch.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Ease of Use Features

  • Temperature selection: No
  • Temperature holding: No
  • Automatic shutoff: Yes
  • Inside material: Glass
  • Lid attached or separate: Attached
  • Type of spout: Pitcher
  • Min/ Max capacity: 1.7L/ 0.5L (increments of 0.5L)
  • Water level indicator: Container is see-through


At TechGearLab, we define value in two ways. A product either shares the same features and quality as other products in its class while costing less, or it costs about the same amount of money but offers the consumer better quality. By this definition, we consider the COSORI Electric Kettle to be an exceptional value. The model is simple, good-looking, and affordable.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman


If you're looking for an attractive, effective, and affordable general-purpose kettle, then the COSORI is a great option. This machine boils water relatively fast, the container has a large capacity, and it has a visually appealing light display to boot. If you don't have specialty functions — such as temperature settings — as a priority, then you can't do much better than this novel kettle.

Nick Miley, Michelle Powell and Austin Palmer