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A fun, decent quality, inexpensive hoverboard that is more on the recreation — opposed to the commuting — end of the spectrum
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Price:   $250 List
Pros:  Inexpensive, stable at speed, onboard Bluetooth speakers
Cons:  Limited battery life, long charge time, limited off-pavement capabilities
Manufacturer:   GOTRAX
By Nick Miley and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Jul 29, 2019
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  • Fun Factor - 50% 6
  • Outdoor Capabilities - 20% 4
  • Support - 20% 5
  • Battery - 10% 6

Our Verdict

The GOTRAX SRX PRO is a budget-friendly hoverboard that is fast, and stable at speed. This board sports some fun features such a LED headlights, onboard Bluetooth speaks, self-balancing technology and some burly tires. However, the SRX PRO's twin 250-watt motors lack the torque to spin the wheels in rough terrain or up steep slopes. Additionally, this model has limited run time and range as well as a lengthy recharge period.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The GOTRAX SRX PRO garners no awards in this review due to its average performance across all test metrics. What sets this board apart is its extremely competitive price point and some cool features — such as onboard Bluetooth speakers — that will satisfy many recreational users. So, if you don't plan to make long daily commutes or don't need to do rugged off-roading, then you might want to give this scooter a look. It's fairly fast, stable at speeds, and has a smooth ride thanks to the amply sized tires.

Performance Comparison

Here at TechGearLab we understand that, with all the cool new products out there, it can be quite difficult to aggregate all the information needed to pick the right item the first time without overspending in the process. Those days are over my friend! Let TechGearLab do the heavy lifting. We buy all the products and test them to their limits so that you will get actionable information with which to make your decision. Our scientific analyses are based on a comprehensive suite of tests that allows us to quantify any statement made about the products in our review. We call these test categories metrics, and how the SRX PRO fared in each one is discussed in depth below.

Fun Factor

If you're reading this, then you have probably seen someone on a hoverboard and though: that looks like a lot of fun. Well, let us settle the issue. You're right. They are super fun! Since having fun is the whole reason that these products were developed, we weighted our fun metric as much as all the other metrics combined. Fun is one of those particular concepts for which the definition differs among individuals. As such, we looked at five different features or characteristics to cover all the bases of what most would consider to be the makings of a good time. These are the ability to maneuver through a basic obstacle course, maximum speed tests, weight (because schlepping heavy items is NOT fun), color options, and accessory options.

The GOTRAX SRX PRO scored in the middle of the class in the fun factor category. While the board pulled a respectable nine mph on average in the speed trials, it proved to be less than graceful in the obstacle course. In particular, the SRX struggles when performing basic back and forth direction change exercises. However, the wider platform had testers feeling a bit more balanced given the broader base. Additionally, this board has Bluetooth speakers, LED headlights, and seven color options, which does much to make make-up for the lack of aftermarket skins and bags.

Outdoor Capabilities

In large part, the outdoor capabilities testing is an effort to define the performance envelope for each test model. We ran these boards through a variety of terrain that might be encountered, such as: packed dirt and sand, grass, bumpy and cracked roads. We even went as far to climb steep inclines and cross large thresholds.

Given the look of the SRX — big wheels, beefy 8.5" tires, fenders and a broad standing platform — we are less than impressed with the general lack of off-roading capacity. When it comes to loose surfaces and our 14% grade incline, the SRX is underpowered. The 250-watt twin motors just can't deliver the needed torque when bearing the weight of an adult tester. However, the large tires do a good job of absorbing the feedback from crack and bumps on firm surfaces.

Kicking up dust traversing rough terrain.
Kicking up dust traversing rough terrain.


Support is a general category that addresses three important aspects of customer satisfaction. First, how will a company treat a patron when something goes wrong with one of their products. Second, how resilient is the product in the face of aggressive test riding. And third, what kind of warranty, if any, is provided with the product. To get at these concerns we approached GOTRAX's customer support with a hypothetical, though practical, question pertaining to the SRX and we evaluated their response based on punctuality and accuracy. We also put considerable wear and tear on our test model. When all was said and done we took a close look at the product and how it held up to adult testers pushing it to the max. Finally, we read the warranty fine print provided by the manufacturer.

Overall the SRX slightly above average in this category. We found that their email correspondence is par for the class. GOTRAX responded with a thorough email within 24 hours of our initial contact. However, the phone number that they provide for customer support disconnects immediately following connection — this annoying shortcoming hurt them considerably in this metric. Finally, SRX has a short (90 days), very limited warranty.

Don't get broke down with poor customer support.
Don't get broke down with poor customer support.


Battery performance is paramount when assessing an electric vehicle. Why? Because all the other features of interest here reviewed depend on the battery to operate. Accordingly, the battery metric is a critical category as it gauges the longevity of the power source driving the hoverboard and the time it will take to recharge the battery when it is fully depleted. To unpack these practical concerns, we ran a range test on a flat track to determine maximum mileage. Next, we ran the boards through our obstacle course to see what the run time would be during a practical application (i.e. not simply circling a flat track). The last thing we looked at was charge time. We timed how quickly the included charger would recharge the board from empty to full.

The SRX PRO received a workaday score in this metric. This is the result of its average max range (4.7 miles), average run time (50 minutes), and prolonged recharge time (three hours).


We do not consider cost when rating products because we want the best products to come out on top no matter what the price. As such, we temper our judgment of products at the end of the review with an analysis of pricing. When we contrast cost with performance, we get an idea of the value or bang for the buck, of a product. In this light we find that products such as the SRX PRO are not so unattractive as their overall score would suggest. The SRX is significantly less expensive than many of its competitors, and it performs well enough on hard, flat surfaces. Moreover, it has a number of features (such as the onboard Bluetooth speakers) that its competitors lack. With this in mind, we think you'll agree that this board offers a lot of bang for the buck.


While not the top dog in any one category, the GOTRAX SRX PRO is a solid purchase for the price. While the big wheels and robust tires are a bit misleading as it is a poor performer offroad, those same tires make for a smooth ride on firm surfaces. Add to this a ton of color options, LED headlights, and some onboard speakers to bump your favorite tunes and we think that the recreational rider will be quite satisfied.

Nick Miley and Austin Palmer