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Boosted Board Dual+ Review

A solid performing board that is well suited for all of your global adventures
boosted board dual+ electric skateboard review
The Boosted Board Dual+.
Credit: Boosted
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Price:  $1,500 List
Manufacturer:   Boosted
By David Wise and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Feb 10, 2017
  • Speed - 25% 9.0
  • Range - 20% 5.0
  • Ride - 20% 7.0
  • Hills - 15% 8.0
  • Build - 10% 8.0
  • Braking - 10% 9.0

Our Verdict

As of April 2018, the Boosted Board Dual+ is Discontinued
Best brakes
Average range

The Boosted Board Dual+ is a great, all-around board that was just unseated by a handful of points as the overall top performer. This board has fantastic brakes, is super speedy, and can power most of the hills that you will find. This board also has the added benefit of having a 99 watt-hour battery, just under the 100 watt-hour limit allowed for air travel. Performing well across the board, the only metric where this model didn't do exceedingly well was in range, where it only ranked about average. All in all, this is an excellent board that won't disappoint, and fully earned its Editors' Choice award.

Boosted Board Dual+ or Dual
We tested the Dual+, which has about 33% more power than the Dual. This equates to an overall faster top speed, and the ability to climb steeper hills than the Dual. It may be well worth saving a few hundred bucks with the Dual if you aren't a speed demon, and don't need to climb any monster hills. Both of these boards have the option to upgrade to the extended battery, greatly increasing the range of the board. We tested with the standard battery, so you could expect a much longer range, probably in the neighborhood of 60-70% further with the extended pack. However, the extended pack will make the board heavier, as well as pushing it over the TSA limit for flying. Great if you want to go further on the ground, not so great if you want to travel and fly with the board. Choose wisely….

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Boosted boards have stood out from the competition since we started reviewing electric skateboards, and was only recently beat out from the top slot by the Evolve GT. This board is great for control, having the best brakes that we have found on an electric skateboard, as well as having the speed to keep up when you really want to go. Our testers have taken this board with them on multiple trips, foreign and domestic, as well as used it as a reliable commuter vehicle.

Boosted Voluntary Safety recall
After two incidences of smoke being produced by battery packs, Boosted has initiated a voluntary recall of their 2nd generation Dual+ boards. The smoke was caused by water entering the battery compartment due to a manufacturing defect. Current owners can send the board back to them and have the battery replaced with an updated version for no charge.

Performance Comparison

The Boosted did very well across our battery of tests. We compared its performance directly to all of the other boards we tested, ranking and scoring their performance side-by-side. Below we go through exactly how the Boosted compared against the other models, divided into 6 weighted metrics, each comprised of a handful of different tests.

boosted board dual+ electric skateboard review - the dual+ was the second-highest scoring model in our tests.
The Dual+ was the second-highest scoring model in our tests.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


For many people, speed is king when it comes to an electric skateboard. What's the point of investing a significant chunk of change on a motorized ride, if you can't go fast? In the case of the Boosted, those users won't be disappointed.

This, along with the Boosted's excellent acceleration helped it earn a score of 9 out of 10 for this metric, tying for the top score with the Evolve GT. We calculated speed off the time it took for the board to complete a 200' test course with an average-sized, adult male rider, giving the board plenty of runway to come up to speed before the start.

boosted board dual+ electric skateboard review - the boosted dual+ was a close second in our speed test.
The Boosted Dual+ was a close second in our speed test.
Credit: Steven Tata

We did a similar test to compare acceleration, timing the board on a 50' section, but starting it from a standstill. Exact speeds will vary slightly with rider size, but the overall trend between boards should remain the same.


Range was a somewhat simple metric to test, but it is the second highest weighted metric of our test, accounting for 20% of the overall score. This is mainly due to the fact that the reason you get one of these products is to zip around effortlessly, not lug a board with a dead battery around. The Boosted did about average in this test, earning a 5 out of 10. We ran the boards on flat ground with an economical riding profile until they quit.

The Boosted didn't have the best range of the bunch, only making it 6.6 miles in "Eco" mode before it was exhausted, but it did maintain its speed well, only slowing down the last quarter of a mile. It averaged about 13.2 mph throughout the test. This board did charge very quickly, topping off in about 75 minutes.

boosted board dual+ electric skateboard review - the boosted board dual+ had one of the best ride scores out of the...
The Boosted Board Dual+ had one of the best ride scores out of the group.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


Ride was a bit more of a subjective metric to assess, consisting of how the board handled rough and uneven pavement, unexpected cracks, how comfortable it was, and how drawn to the board we were throughout the course of testing. Our panel of expert electric skateboard riders took all the boards for multiple spins around test tracks to determine the scores. The Boosted did very well, earning a 7 out of 10.

This board was very comfortable to ride, though it couldn't make the tightest turns, and very rapidly became the default board for a quick ride around town. It's a stable, solid performer and was comfortable for the majority of the riders.

This board handled rough pavement well, and didn't throw us for too much of a loop when we hit a decently large crack at moderate speed — with proper protective gear of course!


Watching someone zoom past you on a steep hill on an electric skateboard, while your are laboriously pushing yourself to the top may be all the convincing you need that one of these products is the right purchase choice for you. The Boosted very well in this metric, earning an 8 out of 10.

The Boosted blasted up a 15% grade hill with relative ease, though it was a little slower than the Evolve GT. However, the Boosted struggled and failed to complete our 23% grade test hill. It made it about 6' up the hill before calling it quits, though it may have made it up with a much smaller tester. This board did well enough at completing the 15% hill that we feel it could make it up about an 18-20% grade hill comfortably.

boosted board dual+ electric skateboard review - the remote for the boosted was simple, yet both ergonomic and...
The remote for the Boosted was simple, yet both ergonomic and effective.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


For this metric we assessed the board itself, rather than its riding performance. We looked at the weight of each board, how the remote felt and how responsive the board was to the remote, whether or not it had regenerative braking, and level of customer support that we received from the manufacturer. The Boosted did well, earning an 8 out of 10.

This board weighed in at 14.9 lbs, slightly lighter than the average of all the boards we tested. The remote felt nice and solid, though it was a little tough to swap between riding modes. The board was also very responsive to the remote, with no noticeable lag.

The customer support was very helpful, with prompt replies to our emails with questions. There is also a contact phone number, as well as a warranty and return policy, though there is a restocking fee. This board also has regenerative braking, leading to our next metric.

boosted board dual+ electric skateboard review - chris mcnamara testing downhill braking.
Chris McNamara testing downhill braking.
Credit: Viktoria Low


While going fast may be a priority, the ability to easily and quickly slow down and stop can't be overlooked. We conducted two different tests — controlling speed on a descent and stopping distance on flat ground — to determine scores. The Boosted earned the top score with a 9 out of 10, both controlling speed on the hill effectively and stopping quickly on flat ground.

This board did the best at controlling speed on the downhill, allowing you to completely stop yourself on the hill. While it didn't stop quite as quickly as the Evolve, it had a much smoother stopping profile, and was significantly less likely to throw you from the board.


This board is one of the highest performing models, but consequently one of the most expensive. This doesn't really make it a value pick, but it is one of the best you can buy, meaning it won't disappoint — if you can afford it.


The Boosted Board Dual+ took home one of our Editors' Choice awards for being one of the top performing boards on the market, having exceptional braking ability, and the added benefit of complying with travel regulations. This board rode well, was comfortable, and can handle most of the hills that you encounter, all while being light enough to easily carry.

David Wise and Austin Palmer
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