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Randy "RJ" Spurrier

RJ Spurrier

Senior Review Editor

Randy "RJ" Spurrier is a software developer, robotics engineer, and a dedicated tinkerer. He is the co-founder of TechGearLab and OutdoorGearLab. When he's not working on TechGearLab, RJ enjoys climbing, mountain biking, and robotics projects with his kids. Previously, RJ was CEO of San Francisco-based venture-funded software start-up Nimblefish Technologies which he led through five years of consecutive 50% year-to-year growth and its successful acquisition by RR Donnelley. Prior to Nimblefish, RJ was Vice President of Adobe's Imaging Software Systems division, where he was responsible for worldwide product management for Adobe's imaging systems software business. Prior to his work at Adobe, he was CEO and founder of LaserTools, a bootstrapped 45 person software firm focused on the development of innovative digital imaging technology, which was acquired by Adobe Systems in 1994. Spurrier holds a patent in digital printing technology. He earned his B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley in robotics and automated control systems.