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Liam Andrews-Bancroft

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Liam Andrews-Bancroft was born and raised in rural Western Massachusetts, where he lived for 20 years before heading out to Denver, CO to study Computer Science at the University of Denver. Through his education, Liam became well versed in the world of tech, and came to understand the importance of high quality technical products, as well as what differentiates one technical product from another. Beyond his education, Liam has worked in the food service, rock climbing, and fundraising industries, where he has put all sorts of tech to the test from software to tomato slicers. These days, Liam uses his experience to test and review gear as methodically and scientifically as possible so that ethers can stay informed and spend their money wisely! When he's not reviewing gear, you can find Liam pursuing a number of passions including bouldering, writing code, and working on music production.