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Dana Raidt

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Dana Raidt earned a degree in Journalism and French from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Before becoming a professional writer and editor, she worked in natural foods co-ops, where she learned all-important tricks of the trade such as latte art, cheese taxonomy, and how to make wheatgrass shots with ancient hand-crank machines. She has a soft spot for print magazines and for 10 years worked as an editor at various food, lifestyle, business, and travel publications. Along the way, she spent countless hours researching, curating, and trying out new and tried-and-true kitchen gadgets, beauty products, travel gear, and home goods. Dana can't get enough vintage clothing, vintage cookbooks, and vintage music (she wrote a book about guitar icon Link Wray) and is passionate about finding gear and tech that enables those obsessions. She lives in Minneapolis with her family.

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