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Editors' Choice Award
This wearable is one of our favorite options, delivering top-notch performances across the majority of our tests and easily earning our recommendation
Top Pick Award
If you love all the fitness challenges and competitions offered by Fitbit but want smart features as well, this product is a great choice
The Fit is a good option for anyone who wants a basic set of fitness, health, and smart features in a slimmer package than most smartwatches
One of the newer models from Garmin, the Vivoactive 3 this model has a great display but just can't quite compete with the top models
Delivering a wholly unremarkable performance, the Vivosport wasn't our favorite and failed to distinguish itself
Scoring in the middle of the overall group, the Vivosmart 4 has a handful of interesting features but not enough to claim a top spot
Best Buy Award
This wearable doesn't have a ton of features but is your best bet if you are shopping on a tight budget
This tracker is a great option to encourage kids and teens to get up and get active
Best Buy Award
The LETSCOM is our suggested option if you are hoping to spend the absolute minimum on a new wearable
If you are hoping to spend the bare minimum on a fitness tracker, then the Lintelek is an alright option if you don't have high expectations