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Top Pick Award
If you want a top-notch robot vacuum that can handle pet hair with ease, then this is the vacuum for you
Editors' Choice Award
Offering excellent home coverage and navigations skills, the i7+ did very well across the board -- except when it came to pet hair
Editors' Choice Award
While this robot struggled cleaning around the tighter spaces in your home, the cleaning power of the D7 can't be beat
Editors' Choice Award
While this robot handles complicated room layouts with ease and practically never needs assistance, it might take two passes to get your home acceptable clean
Best Buy Award
The D4 is the best choice by far if you are shopping on a budget but don't want to sacrifice performance
The Roomba 960 isn't a bad robot vacuum, but it definitely did not impress us overall
While this robot tends to blunder around rather than navigating with finesses, it does do an impressively good job cleaning hard floors
Best Buy Award
If you are looking to spend the absolute least amount of money on a robot vacuum, the Ecovacs is the best option for you