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Editors' Choice Award
A fast, fully featured, high quality scanner that is easy to use
A solid, high-end model that doesn't cost quite as much as most other high-end options
Top Pick Award
If you're scanning documents all day, this model makes your life easier but is a big investment
Best Buy Award
While not the fastest, it excels in every aspect at a relatively low price
Top Pick Award
Can handle a lot of short documents quite well, but the lack of a paper tray and large document feeder makes it less suited to scanning lots of large documents
You can give it a try without any risk, and packs a lot of performance into a phone app, but isn't great for longer documents
Good if you value accuracy, but photo scans could be better
Top Pick Award
A great choice for those that mostly need to scan photos and book/magazine pages
Offers no advantages over a phone app, and does not compete with other scanners we tested