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Editors' Choice Award
Expensive, but well worth the time savings for those that shred a lot
Editors' Choice Award
A good model for those that shred 100+ pages a day, but there are faster models at the same price point
If your shredding jobs reach triple digit page numbers, this machine will make your life a lot easier
Good all-around performer, but not worth the high price
Shreds well but is fairly slow for a high capacity model
Performs reasonably well, but is quite expensive for a low capacity model
Somewhat noisy, and there are more capable models available at the same price
Top Pick Award
Great if you only shred the occasional document, but want the highest security standard
Best Buy Award
As long as you don't shred large stacks of documents and don't need to shred CDs, this this model will serve you well
Top Pick Award
Perfect if you only shred a few pages here and there, and don't have too much space to spare