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Editors' Choice Award
This affordable and convenient unit can seal up to 30 bags in a row while remaining gentle on tender food
Top Pick Award
This relatively inexpensive unit is packed with convenience features, is easy to operate, and has a soft touch for delicate foods
Top Pick Award
If a machine capable of sealing in bulk is what you're after, this convenient, though a bit bulky, machine has staying power while remaining easy to use
This sealer offers above-average performance particularly in delicate foods assessment
While we didn't find too many issues with this sealer, there are better products out there for the same price
This semi-industrial vacuum sealer is overkill for the majority of users
Though this sealer does have some attractive and unique features, it takes up a ton of counter space and is definitely on the pricey side
While not a leader in any of our evaluations, this model is nonetheless functional and quite inexpensive
Finishing with a very low score, it's hard for us to get excited about this sealer