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Editors' Choice Award
If you don't mind spending a bit for a premium SV machine, then the Anova AN500-US00 is a great option
Editors' Choice Award
This is an overall excellent product that doesn't sacrifice much in performance and costs a lot less than the top models
Top Pick Award
The Breville Joule is a top-tier product but its smartphone-only controls mean it isn't for everyone
Best Buy Award
If you are shopping for one of these appliances on a tight budget, then we highly recommend checking this option out
Best Buy Award
This is a solid all-around sous vide on a budget but you can get significantly more features if you are willing to spend a bit more
Delivering some overall subpar results, this sous vide failed to impress with its relative mediocrity and higher than we would expect price tag
This uninspiring sous vide machine was quite far from earning any of the top awards
The Accu Slim Immersion Circulator by Instant Pot failed to impress us overall, earning one of the lower scores of the group
Finishing right at the bottom of the pack, the Gourmia GSV115 struggled to impress and is one of our least favorite sous vides