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Editors' Choice Award
The best product around, but costs quite a bit
Editors' Choice Award
Offers all the useful bells and whistles one could want while remaining simple and easy to use
Top Pick Award
All the convenience and performance of larger models in a more compact package
A great product, but not enough of an improvement over its predecessor to justify the extra cost for most people
Combination of great performance and middle-of-the-road price makes this the a great option for the vast majority of people
Top Pick Award
A great choice for those that want both air frying and pressure cooking capabilities in a single device
A solid, capable cooker, but you can get slightly better tasting meat from other similarly priced cookers
Best Buy Award
When on sale (and it often is) this cooker is a great lower-cost option
A space saving and worthwhile buy if you'll use the dehydrating and air frying functions, but otherwise you can get a better cooker for significantly less
Meets a standard level of performance but doesn't stand out from the rest of the field
A good machine, but not on par with other products in the same price bracket
Great for getting fast cooking on the cheap, but you make some sacrifices in convenience and ease of cleaning