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Editors' Choice Award
Our first choice is a crevice cleaning machine with a slender stem and soft bristles
Top Pick Award
A compact, soft bristle brush that works especially well for people with small mouths
Top Pick Award
A round head and affordable oscillating brush that effectively and easily navigates between teeth
Best Buy Award
An inexpensive, off brand brush head that still gets the job done almost as well
This is a perfectly adequate option worth exploring if you can find it for less money than one of the other Oral-B brand name award winners
If you are a Philips Sonicare user and you are still looking for that just right toothbrush head, this one could fit the bill
For people with large teeth that want to brush efficiently, this could be one head that is worth checking out
If you have a Sonicare E-Series and are tired of spending top dollar for brand name replacement heads, this model would be an adequate substitute
If you want to split the difference between cleaning quality and price, this is potentially a model worth checking out
If you already own a Waterpik brush or are fascinated by the novelty of a brush and floss combo, it could be worth trying out
Best Buy Award
An affordable model that performs just as well as some of its name brand counterparts