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Editors' Choice Award
If you want an easy and convenient way to make sure you aren't ever caught with a dead battery, the Jackery is a great choice
Best Buy Award
This charger doesn't have a ton of extra features but has everything it needs and is one of our favorites
Top Pick Award
The PowerCore+ mini should be your first choice if you want the most compact charger around
Top Pick Award
The Q Slim sets itself apart by having integrated micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning charging cables
The PowerCore II Slim is a great battery for those that want just a bit more capacity than our top picks
Top Pick Award
If you want one product that can function both as a USB power adapter and a portable charger, then the Ace 6700 by RAVPower is a great option
If you need a portable power pack for your outdoorsy excursions, then the OtterBox is an outstanding option
This is one of the larger capacity batteries that we have tested but there are better options out there if you need to charge tons of devices
Top Pick Award
If you need tons of power for tons of devices, then the Ace by RAVPower should be your first choice
We would have liked this battery quite a bit better if it didn't take ages to recharge
Best Buy Award
If you are shopping for a portable battery on a tight budget, then the Aibocn is our top recommendation
We weren't overly fond of the RAVPower Deluxe, finding its performance to be lackluster at best
Top Pick Award
If you are looking for a battery with tons of capacity that can charge larger devices, this is it
This battery does have PD capabilities, but is uncomfortably large and takes ages to recharge