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Editors' Choice Award
A fantastic option if you plan on moving your A/C from room to room
Best Buy Award
If you are hoping to save some cash when shopping for a new A/C and don't live in the hottest of locations, then we think this very portable option could be the one for you
Editors' Choice Award
If you have to deal with triple-digit temperatures on a regular basis, then this might be the perfect A/C unit for you
Top Pick Award
This is the best 14,000 BTU air conditioner we have tested but there are better option out there for most people
This is a decent A/C but much less expensive models did quite a bit better
This A/C is very portable but doesn't actually condition the air all that well
Best Buy Award
It is hard to recommend an A/C that doesn't do all that well at cooling a room
Thoroughly failing to impress and earning one of the worst scores, we weren't enamored with this portable AC from LG