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Top Pick Award
If you plan on moving your A/C from room to room, then the Honeywell HL09CESWK is a fantastic option
Best Buy Award
If you are looking to cool your house without blowing up your budget or your monthly power bill, then the ARC-08WB is for you
Editors' Choice Award
If you have to deal with triple-digit temperatures on a regular basis, then this might be the perfect A/C unit for you
Top Pick Award
This is the best 14,000 BTU air conditioner we have tested but there are better option out there for most people
This is a decent A/C but much less expensive models did quite a bit better
This A/C is very portable but doesn't actually condition the air all that well
Best Buy Award
It is hard to recommend an A/C that doesn't do all that well at cooling a room
Thoroughly failing to impress and earning one of the worst scores, we weren't enamored with this portable AC from LG