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Editors' Choice Award
This phone is a fantastic option if you want a bare-bones product that is easy to use with impressive sound quality and range
Editors' Choice Award
Earning one of the top scores overall and particularly impressing us with its range, we highly recommend this VTech phone to anyone who wants the best
Top Pick Award
Performing exceptionally well overall, this model distinguishes itself as being the best bet if you want to use Link-to-Cell
The KX-TGE432 is a great phone but couldn't quite match the overall performance of our best phones
This phone performed moderately well across the board and usually retails at a reasonable price
Sacrifices sound quality for increased battery performance and features
While this phone might not have claimed the top spot, it delivered alright results, earning a score in the middle of the pack
An expensive phone packed with features and good sound quality, but falls short on range
While this phone does have some unique features, like a visual ringer and a larger display, it struggled to distinguish itself overall
Best Buy Award
Great phone for a great price
Low on features and price tag with decent sound