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Editors' Choice Award
This top of the line hoverboard delivers power and stability both on and off the pavement at a price that will put a smile on your face
Editors' Choice Award
Fun, fleet, and fiscally feasible; the T380 will leave you smiling both at check out and while riding
Top Pick Award
This commuter vehicle is a sleek workhorse that stands out for its all-terrain performance
A great board especially if you are looking to tear it up off pavement
Best Buy Award
A solid value for those looking for a moderately priced hoverboard
Great for bumpy terrain, but the wide standing platform is not a good fit for mid to small-sized riders
More of a toy than a vehicle, this competitively priced hoverboard sports some cool features that make it worth a look if performance isn't your primary focus
A great board for the kiddos or those whose weight is well below the 187 lbs load limit
Top Pick Award
A low cost board with a battery life that rivals the highest ranked models
Failing to impress, this board's only redeeming qualities are it's customer service and the modest price tag
Designed with kids in mind, the Hoverfly comes in tons of fun colors and won't break the bank
This board is very difficult to ride
This lightweight board cuts some corners to keep the price low