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Editors' Choice Award
This powerful scooter is easy to operate and has a long battery life but it's not the easiest to carry
Editors' Choice Award
If you're looking for a swift and stylish scooter that's comfortable and easy to use the machine is the ticket
Best Buy Award
Speed, affordability, and a commute-capable range are just some of the characteristics that offset this machine's subpar wheel design
This reasonably priced scooter will appeal to commuters as it is speedy, fun, easy to collapse, and is relatively lightweight
When the Tomoloo was working correctly it was considered a top contender but the scooter often proved temperamental and inconsistent
Top Pick Award
If you want to simplify daily transportation, then the Glion's compact folded dimensions, efficient dolly design, and long-lasting battery is a sure thing
Fast and affordable, this product is great for those who are on a budget but don't need to fold, stow or carry their scooter on the regular
Top Pick Award
When control on descents is paramount the braking power of this machine rationalize the price
If you're looking for a decent quality scooter that won't leave your wallet light this machine is worth a spin
Despite the lack of competitive functionality within the class, the modest price tag may justify the purchase for the right user
Despite the Razor E300's modest price, its performance -- or lack thereof -- in our testing regiment left reviewers with little positive to relay