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Generac 7132 Review

This gas-powered pressure washer packs a punch but costs more and can't match the top-tier models
Generac 7132
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Price:   $459 List
Pros:  Tons of cleaning power, easy to roll across rough ground
Cons:  Difficult to maintain, expensive, loud
Manufacturer:   Generac
By Austin Palmer and Ross Patton  ⋅  Nov 26, 2019
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  • Cleaning - 45% 8.0
  • Portability - 30% 5.0
  • Noise - 15% 3.0
  • Ease of Use - 10% 4.0

Our Verdict

Undeniably, the Generac 7132 is one of the top models when it comes to raw cleaning power. This machine packs quite a bunch, scoring at or near the top in all of our cleaning tests. Unfortunately, this pressure washer delivered a fairly unimpressive set of results in the remainder of our tests. It is one of the noisiest machines of the group and, as a gas-powered washer, requires significantly more maintenance and is harder to use than its electric counterparts. It's a large machine that can be difficult to move from site to site and has what seems to be a disproportionately high price tag, costing quite a bit more than most of the top-scoring models

Our Analysis and Test Results

While the Generac is a large and heavy machine, we did appreciate the large wheels that make it easy to roll over uneven ground. This would be a good option if you need a pressure washer somewhere without power and aren't moving it between different places, just rolling it around. However, you still need access to a typical garden hose spigot to operate it.

Performance Comparison

Generac 7132 pressure washer - the 7132 has plenty of cleaning power for even the toughest tasks.
The 7132 has plenty of cleaning power for even the toughest tasks.
Credit: Ian Pearman


When we think of the Generac 7132, its raw cleaning power immediately comes to mind. This machine did an exceptional job in our carpet cleaning test, effortlessly blasting away the activated carbon. The Generac took less than half the time of most of the other products to remove the carbon, even when we tried with a wider nozzle.

Generac 7132 pressure washer - the generac was one of the fastest at cleaning the carpet in our test.
The Generac was one of the fastest at cleaning the carpet in our test.
Credit: Ross Patton

This model also has an impressive number of cleaning units (CU), 3170. This measure is calculated by multiplying the flow rate by the maximum pressure, which is based on our measured maximum PSI of 1750 and a flow rate of 2.12 gallons per minute (GPM).

The Generac also did very well at lifting the bocce ball in our testing trough, raising it 6' higher than its starting position.

Generac 7132 pressure washer - it also lifted the bocce ball considerably higher than most other...
It also lifted the bocce ball considerably higher than most other models in our testing trough.
Credit: Ross Patton

We also like the larger wheels on this machine makes it one of the easiest to roll around off pavement and over uneven terrain.

Generac 7132 pressure washer - we found the larger wheels on the generac handled bumps and...
We found the larger wheels on the Generac handled bumps and off-roading with ease.
Credit: Ian Pearman

It also has a convenient loop to store the hose when not in use and the 7132 is very hard to pull over with its wide and stable base.

Generac 7132 pressure washer - the 7132 is a big and bulky machine that is quite a hassle to move...
The 7132 is a big and bulky machine that is quite a hassle to move if you can't roll it there.
Credit: Ian Pearman


Regrettably, our list of dislikes for the Generac 7132 is rather long. This machine is very heavy, tipping the scales at 65.1 lbs — over four times as heavy as the lightest models. It also takes up quite a bit of space, occupying an area of 35.25"x23.5"x19" not even counting the wand. We feel this is large enough that you really need to store this product outside unless you have an exceptionally large garage, barn, or warehouse.

The Generac is also a very loud pressure washer, registering just shy of 85 dBA on our sound meter right next to it and 75.6 dBA from 25' away. This product is also constantly running since it's a gas-powered machine, compared to the electric ones that only kick on when you are washing with them.

Generac 7132 pressure washer - gas-powered pressure washers require significantly more maintenance...
Gas-powered pressure washers require significantly more maintenance and upkeep than electric models, with the 7132 being no exception.
Credit: Ian Pearman

This also means that it requires significantly more maintenance than electric models, as you need to change the oil and clean the intake and carburetor regularly to keep it running. On top of all that, the hose connection isn't a quick-connect and is tight enough that it can take a little extra work to get it attached.

Generac 7132 pressure washer - the hose connections on the generac can take a little more effort to...
The hose connections on the Generac can take a little more effort to tighten than some of the models with more space.
Credit: Ross Patton


All in all, the Generac is a poor choice if you are shopping on a budget. It pairs one of the highest price tags of the group with a so-so performance and quite a few models scored better and cost less.


The 7132 is a beefy pressure washer with tons of cleaning power but it's hard to identify a particular use that it would be better at than other pressure washers we have tested. It's loud, expensive, and heavy and we generally think there are other products out there that would serve you better.

Austin Palmer and Ross Patton
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