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This run-of-the-mill tool failed to win any accolades but should do a decent job with most products
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Price:   $150 List | $130 at Amazon
Pros:  Solid torque, decently speedy, convenient to use
Cons:  Loud, battery life could be better
Manufacturer:   PORTER-CABLE
By David Wise and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Jan 22, 2020
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  • Speed - 35% 6
  • Torque - 25% 8
  • Convenience - 20% 6
  • Battery - 15% 5
  • Noise - 5% 3

Our Verdict

Earning a spot in the middle of the group, the PORTER-CABLE PCCK647 couldn't clinch an award but is far from our least favorite impact driver. It's fast, it packs a surprising amount of power, and it has a solid set of convenience features to help you get your projects done faster and more efficiently. However, it does drive in screws noticeably slower and has less torque than the top-tier models, along with a significantly lower score in our battery test.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

We think the PORTER-CABLE PCK647 is a solid option for most DIYers or weekend warrior homeowners but might not have the battery life, speed, or torque required by a pro or an avid DIYer.

Performance Comparison


We were quite impressed with the performance of the PCCK647 in our torque tests, especially with its great result when it came to cracking loose already tightened fasteners. This impact driver almost held its own with the top tools overall when it came to tightening a nut, falling just a little bit short. It managed to tighten a ¾-10 nut to an average of 257 foot-pounds but we found it to be far less consistent than other products. Our results with the PORTER-CABLE PCCK647 ranged from a maximum tightening torque of 200 foot-pounds all the way up to 300 foot-pounds throughout our tests — a much larger range than the typical 10-15 foot-pounds we saw with the other tools in the review. It did match the best products in terms of breaking torque, able to reliably loosen a ¾" nut that had been torqued to 300 foot-pounds after about 9 seconds.

The torque produced by the PORTER-CABLE would be hard to beat.
The torque produced by the PORTER-CABLE would be hard to beat.

The PCCK647 also made an impression on us with its faster than average speed at driving in screws, particularly with larger lag bolts. This impact took about 26 seconds to fully set a ½" by 3" lag and 12 seconds to remove it — almost on par with the fastest times of around 15 seconds to insert and 6 seconds to remove. It also did relatively well in our ledger screw test, only taking an average of 4-7 seconds to fully seat a 3-⅝" long screw in stacked 2x12s or plywood, which is just a bit slower than the best impacts that only took 3-4 seconds to accomplish the same task.

The PORTER-CABLE was pretty quick at sinking lag bolts.
The PORTER-CABLE was pretty quick at sinking lag bolts.

On top of those solid driving performances, the PCCK647 has some handy features that we found made it much more convenient to use. This impact driver provides a decent amount of light from an LED at the base of the tool that stays on for 20 seconds or so once you let go of the trigger. The bit does cast a small shadow due to the location of the light but we didn't find this to be too much of an issue.

You don't need to release the locking mechanism when inserting a bit and this impact isn't overly long, only measuring 147 mm from the end of the chuck to the back of the tool. It even has a built-in holder for an additional bit on the right side of the tool.

The bit holder on the PORTER-CABLE is located in a convenient spot.
The bit holder on the PORTER-CABLE is located in a convenient spot.


Our biggest gripe with the PORTER-CABLE PCCK647 is the amount of noise it generates for the operator while in use. We measured an average of 98 decibels at ear height for the person using it. This can definitely exceed what is typically considered acceptable sound levels without hearing protection depending on how long you are using the tool for, so you should always make sure you are following the manufacturer's recommendations for proper personal protective equipment.

This impact also delivered lackluster results in our battery test. We assessed this by alternating between setting 14 of the 3-⅝" ledger screws to their full depth and then driving in and removing the ½"x3" lag bolt. The PCCK647 only completed three cycles of this before its 1.5 amp-hour battery gave out, whereas the top-tier impacts completed over 5.

We also didn't love the fact that this impact lacks operating modes with different torque settings.


While we didn't think the PCCK647 is necessarily the best value option, if you already own tools that work on this battery platform you can save yourself some dough by buying the bare tool without the battery and charger.


The PORTER-CABLE PCCK647 delivered decent results when it comes to speed and torque, combining that with an average battery test result and a solid set of features to make it quite user-friendly. We think it's a fairly uninspiring impact driver but it should get most jobs done without too much difficulty and could be a great addition to a DIYer's tool arsenal, especially if you already own some other cordless tools with a compatible battery system.

David Wise and Austin Palmer