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AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Cross-Cut Review

A great and fast model, but if you're looking for speed there are better options in the same price range
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Price:   $165 List
Pros:  Fast, powerful, relatively quiet
Cons:  Very large
Manufacturer:   Amazon
By Max Mutter and Steven Tata  ⋅  Jun 9, 2018
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#3 of 11
  • Shredding Quality - 40% 7
  • Speed - 35% 9
  • Ease of Use - 15% 6
  • Noise - 10% 9

Our Verdict

The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet is an exceptional shredder that offers great all-around performance. However, its price point puts it in a bit of an odd position. It is quite expensive, and the main reason you'd spend that much on this machine is for its speed. However, the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci is actually a bit faster, and normally sells for around the same price. Thus, if you're looking for a high capacity model, the Fellowes is likely a better bet.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet is a great all-around shredder, though in our testing it failed to shine enough in any specific aspect to really justify its high price.

Performance Comparison

The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet received one of the top overall scores after our rigorous testing procedure. However, it wouldn't be our top recommendation at its price point. For more of the specifics, see how it performed in our individual testing metrics below.

Shredding Quality

The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet is one of the most powerful models we tested. It was able to eat through a 26-sheet stack of paper and made fast work of credit cards, thick junk mail envelopes, staples, CDs, and paper clips. Really the only strike against it is the fact that its blades produce cross-cut sized shreds instead of micro-cut sized shreds. Overall, this performance was very similar to that of the AmazonBasics 24-Sheet main competitor, the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci, though the Amazon does have a slightly higher capacity.

The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet is quite powerful.
The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet is quite powerful.


The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet was also one of the fastest models we testing, hitting a maximum rate of 114 sheets per minute. This is an impressive figure, and is likely fast enough for something like a legal office that has to dispose of a lot of documents. However, even though the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci has a slightly smaller capacity, it actually shreds faster. The Fellowes topped out at an impressive 185 sheets per minute. So, if you're most concerned with being able to shred the most sheets at once, the AmazonBasics 24-Sheet is a better choice. If you're more concerned with overall speed, the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci is the better choice.

Ease of Use

The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet's design leads to an overall friendly user experience. The controls are intuitive, there are warning lights indicating if there is a jam, the bin is open, or the machine is overheating. There is a lip guard that prevents any fingers from getting into the blades and any CD shards from flying out. The large 7-gallon bin is easy to remove and empty. the main drawback is that this shredder is quite large. It's too big to be hidden under a desk, it's going to need its own space. Luckily the wheels make it fairly easy to move around.

We like the simple controls and indicator lights.
We like the simple controls and indicator lights.


This is one area where the AmazonBasics 24-Sheet shines. While no shredder sounds good, this one is one of the least offensive. It emits a low pitched moan that isn't too grating and can even blend into the background on occasion. The Fellowes 99Ci is similarly unobtrusive sounding, so unfortunately the AmazonBasics 24-Sheet doesn't gain any points over its main competitor here.


The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet lists for $165. this is quite expensive, but you have to pay extra for a shredder with this kind of speed and capacity. The most comparable model is the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci, which lists for $270. At list price the AmazonBasics is the clear best value for those that need a lot of shredding speed. However, the Fellowes tends to sell more in the $180 range, and is a good bit faster than the AmazonBasics. IF you can get the Fellowes below list price it is probably a better value for those that need a high capacity shredder.


The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet is a great shredder for those that regularly shred 100+ pages at a go. However, the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci is a bit faster and often sells for a similar price.

Max Mutter and Steven Tata