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ThinkGeek Death Star Review

An acceptable waffle maker whose Star Wars nostalgia can make up for any shortcomings
ThinkGeek Death Star
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Price:   $40 List
Pros:  Indicator lights let you know when it's up to temperature, it's a Death Star...for breakfast!
Cons:  Easy to overfill, takes a long time to cook
Manufacturer:   ThinkGeek
By Max Mutter and Steven Tata  ⋅  Feb 25, 2019
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Our Verdict

As of Winter 2019 the ThinkGeek Death Star Waffle Maker has been discontinued.

That's no moon…that's a waffle! The ThinkGeek Death Star is a fun waffle maker that can warm the hearts of Star Wars fans both old and young, even on the coldest of mornings. Obviously this waffle maker doesn't take itself seriously, and we don't think you should either. The sole reason to buy this maker is the novelty that you get from eating a Death Star for breakfast. If you're willing to spend what the ThinkGeek Death Star costs and are more concerned with waffle quality than breakfast whimsy, the Presto Flipside is a much better use of your funds. But if watching syrup slowly drown the empire's chance at intergalactic supremacy is going to bring you immeasurable joy, then we think this will be the best purchase you make all year.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The ThinkGeek Death Star delivers full value Star Wars novelty to your breakfast, and performs just well enough as to not let that novelty wear off. Star Wars fans will definitely enjoy cutting the Empire's main weapon to pieces every morning.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Good Waffles that May Shoot Lasers

As we've mentioned before, we've found that waffle makers are able to make quite good waffles, no matter how much they cost. The ThinkGeek Death Star is no different. Its waffles come out evenly cooked with a nice crust and fluffy, pastry like interiors. The classic style isn't as voluminous as a Belgian style waffle, but is still much more luxurious than frozen waffle fare. Just be wary that the waffles take a bit longer to cook, so don't get over eager. You still have some time before the Death Star gets in range of Yavin 4.

If you're looking for fluffier waffles, the Presto Flipside makes a waffle multiple times thicker than what the ThinkGeek Death Star produces, and is currently selling for about the same as the Death Star.

The Death Star makes good waffles, but they are a little on the thin...
The Death Star makes good waffles, but they are a little on the thin side.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Many Flaws, No Deal Breakers

As we've said before, the ThinkGeek Death Star is a serviceable waffle maker, but lacks some of the finer, user-friendly points present in some other models of a similar price. If you really fancy having a Star Wars themed breakfast, we don't think any of these shortcomings should dissuade you from buying the ThinkGeek Death Star, but they are worth mentioning.

No Done Indicator

While the Death Star has a light that lets you know when the irons are done preheating, there isn't anything to tell you when the waffle is finished cooking, so you're going to have to pay attention and set a timer.

Easy to Spill

The Death Star's design makes it quite easy to overfill and/or spill batter down the side of the machine, so you should expect at least some mess every time you use it. No word as to whether Galen Erso had a hand in this flaw.

We found it very easy to overfill the Death Star with batter.
We found it very easy to overfill the Death Star with batter.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Condensation Issues

The unit is also not very well insulated, making it easy for condensation to gather and drip. Again, you should just expect at least some mess and clean up whenever you use this machine. We can't help but wonder whether a better design for the thermal exhaust could fix this issue, and make the waffle maker more resistant to rebel scum…


For $40, the ThinkGeek Death Star provides good waffles and a funny theme for your next breakfast. However, there are similarly priced machines, namely the Presto Flipside, that offer better performance, albeit without the Star Wars flair.


The ThinkGeek Death Star is certainly a worthy buy for hardcore Star Wars fans, but certainly isn't the best waffle maker you can get for its price.

Max Mutter and Steven Tata