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Dash Mini Maker Griddle Review

An inexpensive appliance that makes mini waffles and other creative treats with ease
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Price:   $15.00 List | $14.99 at Amazon
Pros:  Small and convenient, stores easily, cooks evenly, lots of recipes readily available
Cons:  No timer, only makes one small waffle at a time
Manufacturer:   Dash
By Michelle Powell and Max Mutter  ⋅  Jun 25, 2020
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Our Verdict

For those that like their waffles on the smaller side, or that like to experiment with waffle maker recipes, the compact and adorable Dash Mini Maker Griddle is a perfect choice. This tiny and spartan waffle maker churns out 4-inch round waffles — great for a tasty breakfast side, for a waffles and ice cream dessert, or for making a waffle sandwich. Operation couldn't be simpler — you just plug it in, wait for the preheat light to turn on, and then start cooking. There isn't any integrated timer to make sure you don't leave the waffle on too long, but in general we found it quite hard to burn a waffle with this iron. Despite its small stature and low price, it still manages to cook evenly and thoroughly, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

Impressive Cooking Performance

Our favorite part of the Dash Mini Maker Griddle is how well it cooks. One might expect a small and inexpensive appliance to make sacrifices in cooking performance, but the Mini Maker Griddle manages to buck that assumption. Waffle after waffle it cooked things evenly and thoroughly in our testing. It also generally avoids burning and scorching. Even when we left waffles on the griddle for a few minutes longer than we meant to, we just got a deeper level or browning instead of burning.

The tiny waffles are evenly cooked and scrumptious.
The tiny waffles are evenly cooked and scrumptious.

A Plethora of Recipes and Possibilities

Waffles aren't the only things you can cook on a waffle iron, and the Mini Maker Griddle makes experimenting with those alternative recipes both easy and fun. First off, the Mini Maker Griddle comes with a recipe book to broaden your waffle horizons. Secondly, there is a bit of community that has sprung up surrounding this waffle maker, which has led to a multitude of recipes being available online. Finally, the smaller, 4-inch waffle that this maker produces is better for most recipes (or even making waffle sandwiches) than a full-sized waffle maker would be. For instance, as delicious as a cheesy hashbrown waffle is, a giant 8-inch one can feel a bit excessive.

In general  batter messes are kept to a minimum.
In general, batter messes are kept to a minimum.

Perhaps most importantly, we found the even and consistent cooking of this iron translated to whatever foodstuff we threw at it. Whether it was batter, tater tots, eggs and cheese, or dough, the Mini Maker Griddle cooked everything all the way through without burning the surface or edges.

Minimal Mess

Though the batter overflow basin of the Mini Maker Griddle is quite shallow and somewhat ineffective, we found that most spills came out of the front of the machine. Because the machine is so small it was easy to move it and quickly take care of these messes. Because the griddle is small it can be easy to overload batter if you're used to a bigger machine, but you quickly get a gauge for how much batter should go in.

Simple Operation

You use this machine simply by plugging it in and waiting for the preheat light to turn on. Once it's on the griddle is up to temperature and you can start cooking. You can't do things like set the exact heat level or set a timer on the machine, so you'll have to keep track of cooking time on your own.


The Mini Maker Griddle is one of the least expensive models we've tested, providing a lot of functionality and creative opportunities for a very low price. As long as the 4-inch waffle it makes is sufficient for your tastes and needs, it is a great value.


The whimsical Dash Mini Maker Griddle can't churn out giant waffles, but it is sure to become a cornerstone of creative snacks and delectable treats.

Michelle Powell and Max Mutter