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Kuvings Whole Slow C7000S Review

This juicer delivered a stand-out performance on a variety of fruits and veggies and includes some awesome accessories
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kuvings whole slow c7000s juicer review
Credit: Kuvings
Price:  $450 List
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Manufacturer:   Kuvings
By Genaveve Bradshaw and Nick Miley  ⋅  Sep 6, 2022

#3 of 13
  • Juice Quality - 25% 7.4
  • Soft Produce - 20% 7.5
  • Hard Produce - 20% 3.0
  • Leafy Greens - 20% 7.7
  • Cleaning - 15% 7.0

Our Verdict

The Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S is an extraordinarily capable masticating juicer. This device finesses the juice from notoriously challenging ingredients such as wheatgrass, kale, and other leafy greens while still dealing handily with firmer produce such as carrots, beets, and potatoes (as long as you feed them in at a reasonable pace). And, despite having many parts, it is reasonably easy to clean. The only knocks against the device are that it is a bit of a pain to set up and it is quite spendy. However, if you can afford it and want to juice challenging ingredients, it is worth every dollar.
Cleaning accessories included
Easy to set up
Awesome leafy greens performance
Large feeding chute
Occasionally jams with hard produce
Many parts
Editor's Note: This juicer review was updated on August 26th, 2022, with new products, including the Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S and others to provide a current look at the juicer market.

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Bottom Line This juicer gave a podium-level performance in its rendering of fruits and veggies while being relatively easy to clean upDelivering exceptional results across the majority of our tests, this is the best masticating models we have tested to dateThe large chute, easy-to-clean parts, and efficient juicing capabilities make this a top-tier centrifugal juicerEasy cleanup and a stronger motor may make this premium model worth the extra expenseAn inexpensive and user-friendly machine that produces a very quality glass of juice
Rating Categories Kuvings Whole Slow... Omega Nutrition Center Breville Juice Foun... Hamilton Beach Big... Hamilton Beach Big...
Juice Quality (25%)
Soft Produce (20%)
Hard Produce (20%)
Leafy Greens (20%)
Cleaning (15%)
Specs Kuvings Whole Slow... Omega Nutrition Center Breville Juice Foun... Hamilton Beach Big... Hamilton Beach Big...
Model # C7000S J8006HDS JE98XL 67850 67601A
Type Masticating Masticating Centrifugal Centrifugal Centrifugal
Warranty 10 Year Limited 15 Year 1 Year Limited 3 year 3 year
Dimensions //L x W x H with pulp cup and without pitcher // 9" x 8" x 17.5" 6.5" x 14.5" x 15.5" 14.1" x 9" x 16.5" 14.5" x 14.5" x 9" 14.4"1 x 7.8" x 11.46"
Reverse? Yes Yes No No No
Dishwasher Safe? Yes Yes Yes, most parts Yes Yes
Average Soft Produce Yield 22 ounces 17 ounces 16 ounces 16 ounces
Average Hard Produce Yield 20 ounces 17 ounces 22 ounces 18 ounces
Average Leafy Greens Yield 24 ounces 3 ounces 4 ounces 4 ounces

Our Analysis and Test Results

We ran the Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S through a rigorous set of tests to establish its premiere position in a competitive class of juicers.

Performance Comparison

kuvings whole slow c7000s juicer review - there isn't a whole lot that the kuvings can't handle. however, it...
There isn't a whole lot that the Kuvings can't handle. However, it struggled a bit with beets.
Credit: Genaveve Bradshaw

Juice Quality

For obvious reasons, the juice quality metric is the most important component of our juicer review. To test the quality of the squeeze, or mastication in the case, of the Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S, we use three different juice recipes and rate them for texture, taste, and thickness. Ideally, we want a juice with consistent texture and minimal pulp that isn't watery while showcasing the ingredients' natural flavors. The Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S delivered a respectable performance in the juice quality analysis. However, it wasn't without shortfalls, particularly in the Can't Beet It recipe, where the juicer produced a foamy liquid with an earthy taste and a persistent bitter/sour undertone that left tasters scrunching up their noses. Yet, this machine did quite well where the other two recipes were concerned, rendering a combined performance near the top of the class.

The other two recipes used are Romaine-Apple-Orange and Sunset Blend — the latter blends apples, oranges, potatoes, beetroot, and carrots. The Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S made up for the lost ground by producing high-quality beverages in these last two tests. However, the Romaine-Apple-Orange was a tad watery, while the Sunset Blend took some work pushing down the ingredients to get them processed thoroughly. All told, we were pleased with the unit's performance even though we noticed that it tended to carry over colors and flavors from the previous recipe despite complete cleaning between juices.

kuvings whole slow c7000s juicer review - "romaine-apple-orange" recipe comparison. the different textures and...
"Romaine-Apple-Orange" recipe comparison. The different textures and foam thicknesses are worth noting. We preferred the Kuvings for this round because of the grit-free texture and the even blending of flavor.
Credit: Genaveve Bradshaw

Soft Produce

The soft produce metric focuses on how the juicers handle ingredients with softer textures and higher water contents. Specifically, we juice cucumbers, celery, oranges, and apples, measuring the yield of liquid as a percentage of the whole fruit or vegetable. We also look at the quality of the juice produced. Features of the juice quality included pulp, separation (within the liquid), foam, and color. The Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S performed quite well in this category — setting the bar for the class and illustrating the benefits of a masticating machine for soft produce.

There were some interesting findings when we unpacked the results of the Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S in the soft produce metric. Specifically, the juicer appears to do much better (in terms of extracting juice) with apples and oranges than cucumbers and celery. There was also a fair amount of pulp in the oranges and a gritty texture in the apples. All the soft produce items, except for celery, yielded a fair amount of foam. We observed no separation in the soft produce juices.

kuvings whole slow c7000s juicer review - we put the kuvings through its paces on all ingredient types - hard...
We put the Kuvings through its paces on all ingredient types - hard, soft, and leafy greens. It did well across the board.
Credit: Genaveve Bradshaw

Hard Produce

Much like the soft produce metric, the hard produce metric focuses on the amount of juice produced from carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes. The testing process is identical and varies only in the produce used. While the Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S excelled in the soft produce assessment, it struggled with the hard produce. However, that is not to say that it did terribly; rather, this metric is the single blemish in its otherwise stellar undertaking.

So, what went wrong with the Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S's juicing performance when it went to work on firmer ingredients? To be frank, this is not an unexpected result. The Kuvings is a mastication machine, and, as our testing over the years has shown, masticators tend to excel at softer, leafier ingredients. This result is due to the slow speed at which they operate — juicing hard produce requires a firm hand, whereas soft produce likes a slower, gentler extraction process. Beets proved particularly challenging for the Kuvings, whereas sweet potatoes rendered a good amount of juice. Finally, all the hard produce yielded a lot of foam, though most of it was captured in the included strainer. Despite the foaminess and the low volume of juice extracted, the juice itself was smooth and, with the exception of the sweet potatoes, quite tasty. This device also occasionally jams when fed hard produce too quickly. Luckily, it includes a nifty feature that allows you to spin the produce in the opposite direction — thus unjamming the device without having to take it apart.

kuvings whole slow c7000s juicer review - hard produce includes beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes. the...
Hard produce includes beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes. The Kuvings had no problem with the last two but beets gave it a bit of a hard time.
Credit: Genaveve Bradshaw

Leafy Greens

If the Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S struggled with hard produce and excelled with soft produce, it shot the moon with leafy greens. This metric follows the same format as the previous two (hand and soft produce). However, for the leafy greens metric, we tested the Kuvings with wheatgrass, kale, and spinach — ingredients that are notoriously difficult to juice. Simply put, the masticator in Kuvings juicer worked like magic, producing more and better juice than its peers.

The leafy green juice was smooth and creamy. However, there was also very little foam byproduct compared to others, and the colors of the juices were rich and faithful to their leafy origin. That said, there was some pulp that wasn't captured in the strainer, particularly with the kale and spinach. Aside from that minor gripe, this machine is decidedly a go-to for those who aim to juice a lot of leafy greens.

kuvings whole slow c7000s juicer review - leafy greens are a challenge for any juicer but the kuvings brought...
Leafy greens are a challenge for any juicer but the Kuvings brought down the curtain with its performance in this test.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Whereas the quality of the juice is the most important metric in our review of juicers, cleaning is the least. However, it is one that someone shopping for a juicer should pay close attention to because these products have a lot of parts and can be quite a pain to clean. We have observed (and personally experienced) that nothing wipes away the satisfaction of a nice glass of juice like a frustrating cleaning process. Happily, the Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S is relatively easy to clean despite its myriad parts.

You may have noticed that we have more than once mentioned the multitude of parts that make up a juicer — be warned, these products can resemble a puzzle when assembling. Our cleaning evaluation assesses no less than seven components: discs, filter, food pusher, lid, strainer bowl, pulp container, and juice cup. A variety of brushes are also included that help expedite the cleaning process. The Kuvings is dishwasher safe, but it has many nooks and crannies that the dishwasher can struggle to clean. The included brushes help ease the burden, and, all told, the unit would have performed better if it had more parts than some of the competition and thus requires that much more work.

kuvings whole slow c7000s juicer review - while the kuvings is dishwasher-safe, it will often require a hand...
While the Kuvings is dishwasher-safe, it will often require a hand wash due to the demanding nooks and crannies found on juicers.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Should You Buy the Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S?

The answer to this question is yes, but with a few caveats. For one, it is quite expensive, and depending on what kind of juices you plan to make, it might not be necessary. Masticating juicers, and the Kuvings Whole Slow Elite C7000S in particular, excel at juicing challenging ingredients such as leafy greens. If that's not what you're planning on making, save yourself the money and get a centrifugal device. That said, if you want a top-notch kitchen appliance that can essentially do it all, the Kuvings should be at the very top of your list.

What Other Juicer Should You Consider?

It's difficult to do better than the Kuvings, but if your juicing needs do not necessitate a masticator machine, then the Breville Juice Fountain Plus is where you should turn your attention. The Breville offers significant savings and is a high-quality machine to boot.

Genaveve Bradshaw and Nick Miley