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Breville the IQ Kettle Review

This general-use kettle offers a high-volume container and plethora of pre-set temperature options — but at a price
Breville the IQ Kettle
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Price:   $130 List | $130 at Amazon
Pros:  Convenient presets, large capacity, temperature holding
Cons:  Sloppy pouring, heavy, expensive
Manufacturer:   Breville
By Nick Miley, Michelle Powell and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Sep 9, 2019
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Our Verdict

Are you tired of waiting for your turn to use the kettle? Breville's The IQ is a high capacity kettle that is great for accommodating a wide range of hot water needs while limiting the need to continually refill the reservoir. This machine has push-button temperature selection as well as automatic shut off and holding functions that are convenient for those using and sharing a kettle regularly. However, this machine comes at a premium.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The IQ is a relatively expensive kettle, but you get a fair amount of functionality for the money. This machine has five preset temperature options, reasonably fast boiling times, and a convenient (BPA-free) plastic water level indicator. The large capacity is great for multiple users, but not so good for promoting slow pouring as the machine is heavy and poorly balanced.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Boil Time

We time kettle boil speeds by depositing four cups of fifty-seven degree water into the reservoir and simultaneously turning on the machine and a stopwatch. Additionally, we added a thermometer to the water to establish exactly when the unit reaches 201° F — the boiling point at our location. The IQ delivered an average performance for the class at 4 min, 6 sec.


Controlled discharge of the water is an important feature for those making pour over coffee. Moreover, it simply feels nice to have control over the rate of pour without putting too much effort into the task. Like all of the non-gooseneck models, The IQ does not excel at this task. Conversely, this model can rapidly fill a glass if needed.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Ease of Use Features

  • Temperature range: 175º, 185ºx2, 200º, 212º
  • Temperature holding: Affirmitive
  • Shutoff: Automatic
  • Inside material: Steel (stainless)
  • Lid (separate or attached): Attached
  • Spout type: Pitcher
  • Capacity (Min/ Max): 0.5L/ 1.8L
  • Water level indicator: BPA-free plastic window

Credit: Jenna Ammerman


We define value as a measure of what one receives in return for the dollars spent on a product relative to the other products in its class. By this yardstick, we do not find the Breville to be a particularly great value. Other models in our review match this machine feature for feature and are quite a bit less expensive.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman


This kettle offers great functionality, but it is a bit expensive when compared to similar products. Accordingly, we suggest that you look at some of the more competitively priced kettles in our review.

Nick Miley, Michelle Powell and Austin Palmer