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Gourmia GFD1950 Review

If you're looking for a large capacity dehydrator for an affordable price then look no further, but be ready for some extra clean up
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Price:   $189 List
Pros:  Great control interface, large capacity, viewing window
Cons:  So-so food outcomes, difficult to clean, limited temperature settings
Manufacturer:   Gourmia
By Nick Miley and Michelle Powell  ⋅  Aug 12, 2019
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Our Verdict

The Gourmia GDF 1950 is a large dehydrator with an excellent user interface at an appealing price. While this shelf-style model offers easy viewing and consistent temperatures, the interior is quite challenging to clean. If you're looking to get a larger capacity dehydrator and hate to clean, it's worth spending a bit more money on another model

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Gourmia is a nine rack cabinet-style dehydrator with a transparent sliding door and intuitive controls. Additionally, the machine boasts tons of rack space. Unfortunately, the interior of the device has lots of inside corners that make clean-up a drag.


Consistent interior temperatures are critical to quality outcomes when dehydrating food. This machine has an effective thermostat regulating the drying process. However, the machine has discrete settings. While this seems a bit strange to us, we can't complain about the accuracy.

Ease of Use

Hands down, the Gourmia has the easiest and most effective user interface. There is no need to hit a start button, you simply turn it on, pick a setting, and that's it. Further simplifying the process, the machine has separate temperature and time buttons, so you don't have to toggle through a menu to select the changes you'd like to make.


The result of the dehydration process is all that really matters with these machines. Sure, some features can make life easier, but if you end up with that amazing fruit leather you were after, then clean-up will be more tolerable. The Gourmia delivered a decent product, but it wasn't nearly as good as others we've tested. Admittedly, the spread between the best and the worst results are not large. Yet, this model was at the bottom end of the class.

The Gourmia's trays provide a lot of real estate.
The Gourmia's trays provide a lot of real estate.


Given that the Gourmia didn't deliver the greatest results in our dehydration analysis, we were not that excited to clean up after ourselves. Making matters worse, this machine is tough to clean. It has many inside corners, nooks, and crannies that make wiping it out an undertaking.


While this model has an attractive price point, it is our opinion that it's shortcomings in dehydration outcomes and clean-up limit the value significantly.

Healthy snacks don't have to give you sticker shock! Make them at home for a fraction of the cost.
Healthy snacks don't have to give you sticker shock! Make them at home for a fraction of the cost.


The Gourmia GFD 1950 delivered a lackluster performance in our evaluation. If you are looking for a mid to large capacity machine there are other products in our review that offer similar square footage that are easier to clean and produce better dry food results.

Nick Miley and Michelle Powell