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COSORI Food Dehydrator Machine Review

This high performance, middle capacity dehydrator is the best-looking machine of the lot
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Price:   $160 List | $160 at Amazon
Pros:  Accurate temperature controls, easy clean-up, nice looking
Cons:  Food sticks to trays, poor dried meat outcomes
Manufacturer:   COSORI
By Nick Miley and Michelle Powell  ⋅  Aug 12, 2019
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Our Verdict

The COSORI Food Dehydrator Machine has accurate time and temperature settings in an average capacity machine. The interior cleaning is relatively easy, and the exterior has a nice, modern-industrial look. Our only gripe is the trays are made of tightly woven metal wire, and food likes to stick to them. If aesthetics are a key factor in your kitchen appliance purchase decisions, then this machine has your name on it.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Many of the dehydrators in this review have a plain look, but not the COSORI. This machine sports brushed steel with black plastic trim. Offering more than just an attractive exterior, this model produces quality dehydrated food. As such, it may earn a permanent place on your kitchen countertop.

Quality and Consistency

We define quality by the texture, evenness, and flavor of the final dehydrated product. With the exception of beef jerky, the COSORI produced high quality dehydrated food in our testing. While our beef jerky issues would likely be resolved by tweaking the recipe, the fruit and veggies came out tasty, evenly dehydrated and had an appealing mouthfeel. This was the result time and again in our testing iterations.

Easy and Accurate

The COSORI has an intuitive three-button temperature and timing set-up with a numeric readout. Our tests indicate that, across a wide range, the internal temperature almost exactly matches the setting values. This contributes significantly to the quality and consistency discussed above.


Generally speaking, dehydrators are a bit of a pain to clean. The food has time to drip and conceal, and it's all happening in a contained space that can be challenging to remove depending on the internal shape of the dehydrator. Not so with this machine. Our tester was delighted with how easy it is to guide food bits and juices out of the stainless steel interior. The one catch is that the wire racks have some food adherence issues. Fortunately, the racks can be removed, soaked, and scrubbed.

While metal racks are durable  cleaning them can be a pain in the you know what.
While metal racks are durable, cleaning them can be a pain in the you know what.


The COSORI is not an inexpensive machine. However, it is easy to use, easy to clean, delivers quality foods, and looks nice. As such, we would describe this product as being worth the money spent.

Temperature accuracy and consistency is critical for high-quality outcomes.
Temperature accuracy and consistency is critical for high-quality outcomes.


Despite some of the recipe issues and the difficulty of cleaning the metal trays, the COSORI Food Dehydrator Machine is a solid product. If the average tray square footage and external dimensions meet your needs, you can't do much better.

Nick Miley and Michelle Powell