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VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Review

This inexpensive model cleans decently, but makes some concessions when it comes to convenience and ease of use
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Price:   $40 List | $32 at Amazon
Pros:  Good at cleaning hard surfaces, inexpensive
Cons:  Harder to use, loud
Manufacturer:   VonHaus
By David Wise and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Aug 16, 2017
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#11 of 12
  • Convenience - 35% 4
  • Hard Surface Cleaning - 30% 6
  • Ease of Use - 20% 4
  • Carpet Cleaning - 15% 5

Our Verdict

Earning the second lowest score of the entire group, the VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 didn't particularly impress. This vacuum is almost as loud as a traditional upright, but does do an average to slightly above average job at cleaning. It's bad at cleaning carpet, but can do a passable job on hard floors. It might be a decent pick for those with only hard surfaces to clean on a tight budget, but you can probably find a better option.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

This compact stick vacuum can transform into a handheld model and is one of the least expensive models that we evaluated. That being said, it was also one of the worst performers overall, though it did have some small successes in a few of our tests.

The VonHaus 600W 2-in-1.
The VonHaus 600W 2-in-1.

Performance Comparison

To rank and judge these products and determine our award winners, we conducted a comprehensive series of side-by-side tests. These ranged from collecting Cheerios on the flat carpet to seeing exactly how far under a typical sofa these products could reach. We assigned each product an overall score from 0-100, based on its performance in our four weighted rating metrics: Hard Surface Cleaning, Convenience, Ease of Use, and Carpet Cleaning. The following sections detail exactly how the VonHaus performed and why it scored close to the bottom of the group.

The VonHaus in handheld mode.
The VonHaus in handheld mode.


Meriting the highest weight out of all of our rating metrics, the set of tests that comprised the Convenience metric accounts for 35% of the total score for each stick vacuum. WE compared how proficient each vacuum was at cleaning areas of your home other than the floors, how much each product weighed, whether or not it was cordless or corded and correspondingly, its maximum cord reach or battery life, as well as how stable each vacuum was standing up. The VonHaus did not perform terribly well in this set of assessments, earning a sub par 4 out of 10.

This model converts into a small, handheld vacuum for cleaning up messes off of the floor, with a few attachments that slip on for different cleaning tasks. There is no locking mechanism to hold these attachments in place, but they didn't seem prone to falling off in our tests. This vacuum was on the lighter side when compared to the rest of the group.

This stick vacuum is a corded model, with one of the shorter cords of the entire group, as shown in the following chart.

This model can stand up on its own, but it isn't particularly stable and is prone to being inadvertently knocked over.

The VonHaus did a decent job at collecting oats.
The VonHaus did a decent job at collecting oats.

Hard Surface Cleaning

Accounting for 30% of the total score, our Hard Surface Cleaning metric ranked second to the Convenience metric in terms of importance. We used oats, cereal (Cheerios), pet hair, rice, and flour as different types of test debris, ranking each vacuum on how well it collected each mess from our section of the hardwood floor. The VonHaus delivered a decently solid performance, meriting a 6 out of 10 for its above average showing.

This model started off this set of tests with an exceptional performance at collecting rice, picking up all of the debris in its entirety, matching the performance of our top model, the Shark Rocket. However, the performance of the VonHaus in our flour pickup test was a stark contrast to the rice test. This vacuum did an absolutely abysmal job at collecting rice, taking over 20 passes in an area to even get it close to being suitably clean.

The VonHaus severely struggled at picking up flour.
The VonHaus severely struggled at picking up flour.

This vacuum bounced back a little bit in our cereal collection test, rivaling the performance of the Dirt Devil at collecting Cheerios. It would take some maneuvering to actually collect the cereal rather than pushing it around, but it would eventually collect them all. This model did a great job at picking up pet hair and finished out this metric with a solid performance in the oat collection test. It only took about 1.5 passes to get all the oats, once again piling the debris up for a bit before actually collecting it.

We didn't find this model particularly easy to use.
We didn't find this model particularly easy to use.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use tests took credit for 20% of the final score, with the VonHaus achieving the less than desirable result of 4 out of 10. We based this on evaluating how many different cleaning modes are available on each product, how well each vacuum could clean under a sofa and along the edges of a room, as well as its noise level and handling.

The VonHaus lost some points right from the start, as it has absolutely zero adjustability in terms of cleaning modes or options. This model did redeem itself slightly when it came to our edging test, performing very similarly to one of our award winners, the Shark Navigator Freestyle.

The VonHaus did an excellent job at cleaning along edges.
The VonHaus did an excellent job at cleaning along edges.

This model couldn't maintain an upward trend, with its performance dropping significantly in our furniture test. It only reached about 11" under our simulated sofa, matching the performance of the Eufy, but significantly lagging behind the 37" of the top models.

The VonHaus didn't reach very far under furniture.
The VonHaus didn't reach very far under furniture.

This model came with a handful of attachments, but no onboard storage, requiring you to keep all of the included accessories in the plastic bag they came in. This model was also quite loud.

This model was by far the loudest of our test — loud enough even to be mistaken for a full-size upright model.

The VonHaus did a slightly above average job at cleaning rice.
The VonHaus did a slightly above average job at cleaning rice.

Carpet Cleaning

We evaluated the performance of each stick vacuum at cleaning soft flooring for the final aspect of our review. The Carpet Cleaning component of the test accounts for the residual 15% of the final score, with a similar set of tests to the Hard Surface metric performed — this time on flat and fluffy carpet, instead of hard floors. The VonHaus finished out with a score of 5 out of 10 for its middle-of-the-road performance.

The VonHaus started off with a solid performance when it came to collecting rice, only taking two passes on the flat carpet and 8 on the fluffy carpet to sufficiently clean them. It would pile up the rice at first, but collect it immediately after — matching the performance of the Dyson V8, the top performing model overall in this test. This model also did a decent job at vacuuming up flour from the flat carpet, though it couldn't match the V8 in this test.

This vacuum performed solidly well in this test.
This vacuum performed solidly well in this test.

The VonHaus did a slightly above average job at collecting Cheerios. It would pile them up, then collect most of them, but it usually would leave a few stragglers and Cheerio fragments that it struggled to collect. However, this model couldn't keep its trend going in the pet hair challenge, doing the second-worst job of the entire group at extracting pet hair from carpet. It also struggled at collecting oats, taking a multitude of passes and still leaving oat residue behind.


The VonHaus is an inexpensive vacuum that didn't perform terribly well. It's not a great value, but isn't the worst you can get if you are on a tight budget.


While this model did match the performance of our top models in some tests, it performed inconsistently, delivering terrible results in other tests. This might be a solid choice for small carpeted apartments, but there are models that don't cost too much more and perform significantly better. This is also the least expensive model that you can get that will transform into a handheld model, making it an option for someone who wants a discount auxiliary vacuum to stash in their boat, RV, or similar place for quick cleanup of light messes.

David Wise and Austin Palmer