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Lasko 5775 Review

If you're searching for a tower style space heater on a budget, this is a fantastic choice
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Price:   $63 List | $47 at Amazon
Pros:  Solid heating performance, affordable, oscillates
Cons:  No remote control, no fan-only setting
Manufacturer:   Lasko
By Ross Patton and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Mar 3, 2020
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#5 of 10
  • Personal Heat - 40% 6
  • Convenience - 30% 5
  • Small Room - 20% 5
  • Power Consumption - 10% 5

Our Verdict

The Lasko 5775 is not the most phenomenal space heater that we've tested, but considering its total score compared to its price we think it's a great choice for those shopping on a budget, earning it a Best Buy award. It does an exceptional job at heating so long as you are in close proximity to the unit, and we love that this model oscillates and has a timer. This space heater wasn't quite as powerful or efficient as some heaters in our review and it is missing a key feature or two that kept it from scoring an Editors' Choice or Top Pick award. Overall, this is a fantastic choice if you're looking for a model that does a decent job but won't cost you an arm and a leg.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Following our in-depth space heater assessment, the Lasko 5775 finished right around the middle of the pack. It does a decent job at quickly heating up small areas, it has an oscillator, and it has a digital thermostat. We couldn't find any extraordinary traits about this tower-style space heater. It offers mediocre performance, but it still earned higher scores than several heaters that cost significantly more.

Performance Comparison

Personal Heat

To determine scores for this metric we divided our assessment into two subjective tests. First, we ran each space heater underneath several desks in our office as well as a desk at home. We paid close attention to how each space heater fit, how fast it warmed up, and how much the device was able to raise the temperature in the surrounding area.

The Lasko 5775 did great underneath a desk. Although this heater is on the tall side, it has a small footprint. It cranks out heat immediately after turning it on and can even be a little intense at its highest setting.

We think the Lasko 5775 is a fantastic choice for an office environment.
We think the Lasko 5775 is a fantastic choice for an office environment.

For the second half of the personal heating metric, we used each heater 5 feet away from a piece of furniture in a living room. Sadly, the Lasko 5775 didn't do quite as well in an open room setting as it did under the desk. The heat really seems to fall away around 3 feet from the device.

The 5775 does OK in larger rooms  but you need to be close to the device to feel the warmth.
The 5775 does OK in larger rooms, but you need to be close to the device to feel the warmth.


To judge the overall convenience of the heaters we meticulously examined each model for any features or details that the manufacturers had added to make the device easier to use.

The Lasko 5775 has a few features that warrant an OK score in the convenience department. It has an oscillation setting which disperses hot air throughout an area better than static models. It also has a timer with one-hour increments up to its highest setting of seven hours.

Unfortunately, the Lasko 5775 falls short of several space heaters in this metric. It's lacking a remote — a feature that comes standard for the majority of tower-style space heaters. This device also has a thermostat with a much smaller range than top-scoring models and larger temperature increments. Unlike heaters that have thermostats adjustable 1 degree at a time, the Lasko 5775 only adjusts in blocks of 5 degrees, and its temperature range has a low of 65 degrees and a high of 90. This may seem like a large range but some users may want a space heater for the specific purpose of keeping things from freezing. If this is the case, a low setting of 65 would be overkill and a waste of power for this application.

The Lasko 5775 thermostat increases in increments of 5 degrees  and it lacks a remote.
The Lasko 5775 thermostat increases in increments of 5 degrees, and it lacks a remote.

Small Room

To score performance for a small enclosed area, we used a 161 square foot room and a laboratory thermometer to measure how much each heater could increase the temps every two minutes up to an hour. To ensure accuracy we made sure the starting temperature in the room was within 2 degrees of 65 for each model, that the adjacent rooms were at 70 degrees, and the outside temperature was in the low to mid-30s.

The Lasko 5775 scored in about the middle of the road for this set of tests. After the first 20 minutes this heater increased the warmth in the room by 5.8 degrees but then slowed down to 2.1 degrees for the next 20 minutes, then 2 more degrees for the remaining 20 minutes of the hour for a total increase of 9.9 degrees.

Power Consumption

These devices are known for causing quite an increase in power bills, so efficiency may be very important depending on your individual situation. We looked up the national average cost of a kilowatt per hour (kWh), then measured the amount of kilowatts each space heater used over a one hour period using a wattmeter. We were then able to use these figures to calculate the cost of running each model for a given amount of hours, days, months, and so on. We feel as though there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the cost of running a heater so we didn't award many decent scores for this metric. That said, the Lasko 5775, again, landed in about the middle of the pack.

To run the Lasko 5775 for a period of 10 hours on high it will cost $1.75. This doesn't sound like much, but to run this model for 10 hours a day for 30 days will bump your power bill up more than $50 a month.


Although there really isn't anything spectacular about the Lasko 5775, it is a great value considering the scores it earned compared to models that cost a lot more. It even outperformed several models that have a much larger price tag.


To sum it up, the 5775 is a great deal if you're looking for a tower-style heater for under your desk but don't feel like dropping the coin on a fancy heater. It's not the best option if you're looking for bells & whistles, efficiency, or looking to heat a larger area but we think it's perfect for light-duty heating if you're shopping on a budget.

Ross Patton and Austin Palmer