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XtremePowerUS Self Balancing Scooter Review

This economical hoverboard is the best bet for those on the tightest of budgets
The XtremePowerUS Self Balancing Scooter.
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Price:   $200 List
Pros:  Inexpensive, agile, fun
Cons:  Slow, underpowered
Manufacturer:   XtremePowerUS
By Nick Miley, David Wise and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Jul 29, 2019
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  • Fun Factor - 50% 6
  • Outdoor Capabilities - 20% 5
  • Support - 20% 4
  • Battery - 10% 5

Our Verdict

In Late, 2019, The XtremePowerUS Self Balancing Scooter was Discontinued

The XtremePowerUS isn't the best performing board of the class, but it delivered respectable outcomes considering its competitive price point. This board is a little on the slow side and relatively underpowered compared to other models, but that didn't hinder positive feedback from testers who reported that it is quite fun to ride. The XtremePowerUS does a decent job on off-road terrain and has an average run time. However, while it does have customer support available, we found it to be subpar. Nevertheless, this model's performance, coupled with its fantastic price makes it an excellent value.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The XtremePowerUS has earned accolades as an economical option. There are certainly some drawbacks, such as a slower top speed, a long recharge time, and mediocre customer support. However, this board is still tons of fun to ride and one of the best values in the class.

This budget model didn't disappoint  for its price.
This budget model didn't disappoint, for its price.

Performance Comparison

To stay abreast of the best hoverboards on the market we continually research all the leading models online; reading customer reviews, analyzing manufacturer claims and innovations. We then purchase the top boards, perform direct comparison testing and, assign awards to those who earned high marks overall or in specific categories. The final scores ranged from 1 -100 and are derived from four weighted metrics that are comprised of a series of tests. The following sections provide more detail about the XtremePowerUS's performance; where it excelled and where it performed less than ideally.

We weren't the biggest fans of this board at high speeds.
We weren't the biggest fans of this board at high speeds.

Fun Factor

The most heavily weighted metric is Fun Factor which accounts for 50% of the total score for each board. To scientifically assess this otherwise subjective concept, we had our panel of testers pilot each hoverboard through our obstacle course, noting where each board excelled and where they came up short. We also measured the top speed of each board. To round out our analysis of what makes a board fun, we looked at weight, as well as bells and whistles like built-in Bluetooth speakers, color options, and compatibility with third-party accessories.

The XtremePowerUS sports a built-in speaker — a bit of a rarity on the smaller boards. It also has a ton of color options and includes a carrying bag. However, it comes up a little short in the speed department, maxing out at 7.5 mph.

Unfortunately, this board wasn't stable at its maximum speed. Testers noted that a higher velocity produced a shaky, unsteady feeling. However, this board does redeem itself to a certain degree on account of its light weight — 21.6 lbs. This is a particularly important submetric for kids as some of the boards in this review may be too heavy for them to pick up, let alone carry of any distance.

Shopping for the Children?
The Swagtron T5 has a reduced top speed, shorter range, and has a lower maximum weight limit, but is lighter and at a reduced cost, making it a good bet for the little ones. This board also complies with the UL 2272 safety standard. Just remember to supervise children and ensure they are wearing proper safety equipment!

This model is available in five colors: black, blue, gold, pink, and rose gold. We tested the rose gold version and found that the metallic casing was prone to scratching. This is something you may want to consider when making your selection as this model doesn't currently have any aftermarket protective skins available.

On the whole, our panel felt that this board was quite fun to ride. It's nimble and agile despite its want for stability and power.

This model is best suited for smooth pavement.
This model is best suited for smooth pavement.

Outdoor Capabilities

Outdoor Capabilities accounts for 20% of a hoverboard's overall score and is a measure of how the board performs when it leaves flat, smooth surfaces and ventures into more demanding terrain. We run the boards up and down a steep hill to test the torque and braking power of the electric motors. And, we run the boards over a variety of surfaces such as cracked and heaved asphalt, grass, sand, and dirt.

The XtremePowerUS didn't impress anyone with its overall performance in this category. However, given its small wheels, low clearance, and relatively weak motors, it made a respectable showing. This board isn't designed to rally off-road, yet it landed in the middle of the class in this metric. Not bad.

We did manage to cross dirt and packed sand with this board  though the experience was a bit harrowing.
We did manage to cross dirt and packed sand with this board, though the experience was a bit harrowing.

First, we rode the board up and down a steep hill (14% grade). Here the XtremePowerUS did quite well. It made it up and down without any significant incidents (i.e. none of the motor disengagement that we found in some of the other smaller models).

It wasn't particularly fast  but this board made it up the hill without incident.
It wasn't particularly fast, but this board made it up the hill without incident.

This model did about average at negotiating patches of shorter grass, but faltered in longer grass, lacking the power to throttle out when bogged down. The XtremePowerUS did quite well at traversing dirt and packed sand, performing on par with some of the models with beefier tires.

This board continued its average performance when driving over rough roads, cracks, and bumps. It does well considering its small wheel size, but it is limited. The board could usually clear small obstacles, such as an entry threshold or small cracks, if approached with some speed, but the experience was typically harrowing, with a non-trivial chance of crashing attached to the effort.


Like outdoor capabilities, the support metric accounts for 20% of each board's total score. Usually, we do not place such a high value on what would normally be a trivial concern. However, support is of particular importance for these products as they can be damaged easily, often require service and can have inadequate warranties. Moreover, we have found several manufacturers to be unreasonably difficult to contact. The hope is that you won't ever need to access customer support. To assess the likelihood of this need arising, we also include durability in the support metric — something we don't usually do either.

To evaluate a manufacturer's support performance we attempted to contact each company by phone and email with some basic, though technical questions. We then rated their reply's promptness and helpfulness as compared to the other manufacturers reviewed. We also looked at how well each board held up to our testing process, noting any damage sustained and compared the warranties included with each board. We found the support experience for the XtremePowerUS to be slightly below average.

The XtremePowerUS held up to our side-by-side durability analysis relatively well. It sustained no significant damage, though the metallic casing scratched quite easily.

The metallic finish instantly became scratched and scuffed from the first crash.
The metallic finish instantly became scratched and scuffed from the first crash.

Unlike several other manufacturers, XtremePowerUS makes a phone number publically available. Unfortunately, they didn't pick up the phone the first time we called. They did answer on our second attempt, though the person we spoke with wasn't very helpful or professional. In the end, XtremePowerUS didn't answer any of our questions. They just referred us to the user manual. Making matters worse, this board comes with a three-month warranty; one of the shortest in the class.


Battery, the final metric in our test, accounts for 10% of the total score. These products rely on battery-powered gyroscopes and accelerometers to make balancing and riding on them possible. What this amounts to is that they became gigantic paperweights when their batteries are depleted. We scored each board on how long the battery charge lasted when playing — executing a variety of turns, twists, and slalom maneuvers in our obstacle course. Again, the XtremePowerUS delivered an average performance.

We also evaluated the maximum range in ideal conditions (i.e. on a flat, smooth track). The XtremePowerUS did well, running nearly 8 miles before giving up the ghost.

Finally, we recorded the time it took to charge a fully depleted battery. While the XtremePowerUS finished right in the middle of the pack in our range and runtime assessments, it took 3 hours for this board to recharge — among the longest in the class.


There is no doubt that the XtremePowerUS has some notable deficiencies. Despite these shortcomings, this board is still a great buy. This model performed reasonably well across the board and is less expensive than other products that performed at the same level. If the board's capabilities meet your needs, then look no further. You won't find a better deal.


If the XtremePowerUS cost as much as comparable hoverboards it would be considered a relatively generic and uninspiring product. However, it retails for much less than similar products, and that sets it apart. The customer support could be improved, but all in all, this is a great board for the money and a good option for those who want to start cruising around on a hoverboard without feeling any buyer's remorse.

Nick Miley, David Wise and Austin Palmer